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  1. Can confirm the ticket to the right is Stephen’s of Top Carp 👍 Anyone for the left one?
  2. Can I ask a favour…does anyone recognise the tickets accompanying this coin? some of the details in the right hand ticket looks Comber, but what of the left?
  3. Aww, that’s great…I’d say that’s a match. Many thanks for that! Edit: Just thinking ‘1558 in obverse legend’ ? What does it belong to?
  4. I was hoping this ticket would be Comber’s, but it looks as though he prints in capitals, unless he ever went through a phase of lowercase italics?
  5. Coinery

    Royal Mail track and trace website down

    Still down! I downloaded the app., but will be deleting it, just as soon as the site’s back up.
  6. Only just got this 🤣🤣
  7. Some heathen humour 😁
  8. You’d think they’d know better than this? You could be eating your lunch, whilst talking on your phone at a train station, and STILL spot this one in a shop window across the other side of the rail track with one eye closed!
  9. Coinery

    CNG counterfeit E1 Cypher Halfpenny

    They really aren’t making it clear…is that really worth $90 already? It’s got Spink and North cataloguing…what’s the Withers ref all about?
  10. These two coins are meant to be exactly the same coin, photographed at different times. Of course photography can vary, but this one looks comparatively mushy…what do you think?
  11. Coinery

    James I Double Crown - thoughts?

    Amazing the difference two photos can make! The first looks like it’s just popped off the die, the second, like it’s been on the bottom of the ocean a few hundred years!
  12. Coinery

    James I Double Crown - thoughts?

    I was simply looking at various dies for the double crown and came across these two that were difficult to reconcile. I initially assumed them to be different coins of the same die…I think it a tricky call, photography versus analysis, for me at least. Interestingly the chronology is all wrong at London Coins, which counts against me to be fair!
  13. Coinery

    James I Double Crown - thoughts?

    The stop before IACOBVS? Try expanding the SAS at the bottom of the coin?
  14. Coinery

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I laughed more at the 68p postage
  15. Coinery

    Elizabeth l half pennies.

    Fabulous little halfpennies you have there! It was always my understanding that they were cut from sheet with shears but, on reflection, that seems incredibly labour intensive, and I can’t remember how, or where, I came to that conclusion. I’ve just had a read through BCW and they make no mention of it.
  16. Nice little win of a superb sixpence. Weak portrait but, to be fair, exaggerated in these auction images…actually much better in-hand…will try and post another image soon. I did try to look out the images of your 1573 @Rob because it worried me a little bit to find another little-worn acorn coin, but I couldn’t find them to compare the dies.
  17. Coinery

    Latest 1573 Acorn 6d acquisition

    You should, before they become unaffordable…they’ve absolutely sky-rocketed in the last 10 years.
  18. Coinery

    Latest 1573 Acorn 6d acquisition

    Not the best macro shots from my phone, but a doable portrait…for me at least
  19. Coinery

    Latest 1573 Acorn 6d acquisition

    Brilliant! A relief to find them with different dies. Many thanks for that…that really is a cracking little 6d of yours! Would take some beating, even with a common mark!
  20. Coinery

    1819 crown A before DECUS edge lettering

    No, they were actually washers
  21. Coinery

    1819 crown A before DECUS edge lettering

    Just to clarify, I wasn’t proposing it was the force of one coin falling against the other. I do know we did some strange things with coins as kids, with just a couple of things springing to mind, such as opening modelling paint tins, making cross-pistol mechanisms from old penny pieces and, maybe relevant to this situation, we used to squeeze chunky washers edge-to-edge in a vice until they’d finally fly off like a game of buckaroo!
  22. Coinery

    1584 6d overmark

    An interesting and clear overmark on eBay, but really surprised to see it sell for £464 I don’t think I missed anything?
  23. Coinery

    1819 crown A before DECUS edge lettering

    Also, that the thicker side-bar of the ‘A’ corresponds (namely right on the raised and left on the incuse), makes for a far more likely clash of edges post production.