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  1. 3 hours ago, Old Money said:

    I believe He is worth circa £30 mill and have read recently He is in court with HMRC trying to avoid a £5 mill tax bill, now that would go a long way to helping those He wishes to defend.

    As a cynic, I believe that his twitter comments and the HMRC court case are not unconnected.  By demonstrating that he is able to tweet freely, he is seeking to show that he is different from a 'normal' BBC employee and that he is entitled to have his salary paid to his personal service company, thus saving large amounts of tax.  I also believe that the BBC will not take any action against him, as they also benefit from him being classed as a non-employee by not having to pay employer NI contributions.

  2. 1 hour ago, Coinery said:

    Doesn’t impartially then become a towed line that no longer represent free speech? Of course if you’re a BBC children’s presenter you might reasonably be expected not to talk of child molestation, whereas a BBC news presenter could.
    This very much smells of ‘do as you’re told’ within the role, which then suggests as a children’s presenter you might live in fear of being quoted as admitting you enjoy having sex with your wife?

    Every other BBC employee manages to navigate this 'minefield' successfully (mostly), so it can't be that difficult.

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  3. 2 hours ago, copper123 said:

    Just my personal opinion, but why can't gary linecar express his own personal opinion anywhere he wants to just because he is paid by a uk based news organisation why can he not have his own opinion? Baffles me.

    Because it is the national broadcaster that we are forced to pay for, on the basis that it stays impartial.

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  4. 1 hour ago, david.bordeaux said:

    ESC lists 2 varieties for the 1920 florin, 3765 with the portrait as in previous years and 3766 with the portrait "in lower relief". I must admit that I find it difficult to tell them apart, but I suspect that mine is 3765 and @ozjohn has 3766? Grateful for any input.

    A nice simple way to tell the two obverses apart is to look at the left leg of N in OMN.  Davies obverse 2 (earlier deeply engraved portrait) points to a tooth, obverse 3 (later shallower portrait) points to a space.

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