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  1. Nick

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Ebay does not make things that straightforward. That would allow bidders to be identified. The username is encoded into a random sequence, probably containing few of the original letters. In this case, the m and o are just coincidental as you can see that the seller has 125 feedback whereas the bidder has 234.
  2. Nick

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    The reports may well be true, but the story isn't. Even a small amount of gold in the mix would cause all of the coins to be overweight and thus would be rejected.
  3. 1787 sixpence (with hearts) I once obtained in a job lot.
  4. Nick

    The Yeti - does it exist?

    555 is area code for fictional telephone numbers (as seen in just about every US made TV programme or movie).
  5. I don't think they were intended for circulation, but it's certain that many did.
  6. Nick

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Report it via Action Fraud.
  7. Nick

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    It's not from Norfolk is it? 😉
  8. Well done. A tidy price, but I'm sure it will be worth it in the long run.
  9. Here's my 1929 halfcrown, which IIRC cost about £30.
  10. I'm not aware of any die numbers being used more than once. Having said that, human error must mean that a die number was mistakenly reused at some point. My understanding is that the die number is unique to the die, so where the date is on the obverse - it must be possible to have the same die number on different year coins, especially as the obverse dies did not last as long as the reverse dies.
  11. Looks better than EF to me. You could try a drop of ethanol to see if the black mark will shift, don't rub it though - just dab it dry.
  12. Nick

    1870 Sixpece

    1870 sixpences are rare, irrespective of die number. However, £102 for something approaching washer grade is a bit much.
  13. The top of Victoria's ear is the easiest way to tell them apart, but the serif on the G does seem to be diagnostic. It's possible that the waves in Victoria's hair are slightly different, but you'd need high grade examples to verify that.
  14. I imagine you'll have some competition, but I doubt you'll ever see another in such high grade again. Good luck.
  15. I have also seen that Heritage sometimes use the wrong HS code and they should really know better.
  16. If I were still collecting, I would be looking at the 1848 and 1854 sixpences.
  17. Open the case straight away. Whether he has already spent the money is his problem, not yours.
  18. Nick

    more FAKES

    Seems to have all the tell tale signs.
  19. She also appears to be the missing appendix variety.
  20. I'm quite happy with the price I paid for mine (£45).
  21. Not quite as rare as first thought. There are more than just a few known.
  22. Nick

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Looks genuine to me, but cleaned.
  23. Nick

    more FAKES

    They also all have the same nicks and scratches on the obverse. For example, the dent in George's forehead. Here are two examples that were sold by LCA: http://www.londoncoins.co.uk/?page=Pastresults&auc=144&searchlot=1652&searchtype=2 http://www.londoncoins.co.uk/?page=Pastresults&auc=144&searchlot=1653&searchtype=2
  24. Nick

    more FAKES

    As far as I'm aware, all of the fakes have the same breaks in the circle above the P and E of PENSE.
  25. Looking at the list of members sorted by join date, which usually shows a new member joining every day or so, no new members have appeared since 16th April.