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  1. Nick

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Seller's name looks familiar. A forum member I think.
  2. Nick

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    The item has been marked as a 'private listing', so even less can be seen of the bidding than usual. Private listing to me equates to stay away.
  3. Translation: Parliament disagrees with people, people should think again.
  4. Indeed, but that won't stop them. If Brexit is not delivered, both the Tories and Labour will suffer at the ballot box, but the Tories will be decimated and the net result will be a Labour government (possibly propped up by the SNP). Maybe 5 years of Corbyn/Sturgeon is just the sort of reality check the country needs. Mind you, the irony meter would go off the scale if the EU commission blocked a Corbyn government budget like it has done with Italy.
  5. That doesn't seem to matter, when the majority of MPs voted to remain.
  6. There are many people in the UK who will see that as a victory.
  7. Isn't that what they said in 2016. "It is your decision. The government will implement what you decide.". Yeah right.
  8. The obvious problem with any possible scenario is that if the answer is still leave, then parliament will not accept it.
  9. Not sure I like the way you quoted that @secret santa. You have changed Mike's quote into mine. It makes it look like I suggested a 2nd referendum - which I most certainly did not.
  10. Can't answer your question, but there is more information here and decent pictures for comparison purposes.
  11. Splitting the leave vote would hardly be democratic, unless you mean that remain would need 67% to beat the sum of the other 2 options. But how could you even have remain on the referendum, when that question has already been asked and rejected. It is only a failure of parliament to enact the wishes of the people that is the problem.
  12. Nick

    Keyboard Logger

    It's a trojan virusware intended to discover usernames, passwords and other confidential information.
  13. I think you'd be within your rights to send it back because it is not as described. It is described as very high grade and it is not.
  14. I would say rare, especially so in better than VF condition. I've probably seen about half a dozen or so examples, with only two of those in decent grade. If you had an UNC example it would possibly fetch £500-£750 (maybe more if there was competition), but having said that sixpences are not the collector's favourite denomination.
  15. The picture for Davies 2182P is showing the English proof rather than the Scottish. Cracking collection BTW.
  16. It is not correct to assume that below DN 19 have obverse 4 and those 19+ have obverse 5. From the observations that I have made over the years, the only 5+A pairing I have seen is DN 23 and the only 5+B are DN 16 and DN 17. Almost all others are 4+A except DN 18 which is 4+B.
  17. Nick

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Exactly right.
  18. Nick

    1887, proof 7 coin set, jubilee head

    I don't have that coin any longer, so can't check.
  19. Nick

    1887, proof 7 coin set, jubilee head

    In the photo perhaps, but not in the hand.
  20. Nick

    1887, proof 7 coin set, jubilee head

    As an example, here is a picture of two 1887 florins (left currency, right proof).
  21. Nick

    1887, proof 7 coin set, jubilee head

    A lot of 1887 proofs have a slightly purple hue, but all coins tone differently depending how they have been stored. Most proofs can be identified by the reflective fields, well defined rims and edge and sharply defined edge milling. If you can post a decent picture, you'll get an answer.