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  1. Indeed. I had a nice old head 1893 3d that sold a couple of weeks back for approx £30.
  2. Nick

    Sabine Schmitz

    Indeed, me too.
  3. It was a combined lot with 5 other shillings, so if all you wanted was the 1921 3+D there would have been some "baggage" to dispose of.
  4. Here's a clickable link - first lot of Peter Davies collection is 1135.
  5. Found it. It was LCA Auction 124, Feb 28 and Mar 1 2009.
  6. I thought it was sold by London Coin Auctions in 2009.
  7. It's the scarcest of the four shallow recut portrait die pairings. I suspect the one you'd be interested in is the more deeply engraved portrait (3+D), which was in the previous sale and went for a steal.
  8. I have finally given up on collecting and have sent my collection to auction at DNW for the next sale. There are some decent examples of most silver denominations, but generally the Victorian crowns and sixpences are amongst the better items, including some sixpences that are ex Alfred Bole. For the variety hunters, there will be some of interest, such as: 1887 double florin with die pairing 1+B 1887 halfcrown with unrecorded reverse design 1887 florins 1+A and 2+A 1888 florins 2+A (1887 obverse) and 3+A 1889 florins 3+B and 3+C 1890 florins 3+C and 3+D 1914 florins 2+C, 2+D and 2+E 1923 florin 2+E (mule) 1839 shilling proof is rarer en-medaille variety 1858 shilling 4+A NGC MS63 1880 shilling 7+C and 7+D 1884 shilling 7+D and 7+F 1888 shilling (not 8 over 7) 1889 shilling 2+C (never seen another) 1895 and 1896 shillings small rose 1921 shilling 3+D 1837 sixpence B over R in BRITANNIAR 1867 sixpences 2+A and 3+A 1879 sixpence DN 9 1880 sixpences 5+D and 6+D 1898 sixpence 2+B small date 1911 sixpences 1+A (March sale) and 2+A (April sale)
  9. Lot 791 contains a nice 1913 shilling, a fairly scarce 1921 shilling 4+E and the scarcer 1st type (non-ME) 1926 threepence (despite what it is says on the slab!).
  10. Lot 781 contains a scarce 1911 sixpence variety (2+A).
  11. Lot 764 has no pictures, so here is the 1884 6d (NB the scratches are on the plastic of the slab), 1886 6d and 1889 6d (2+C).
  12. No, that's one that VS has had for a while.
  13. Here are the pictures (reduced in size) of the 1893 Jubilee head sixpence from VS.
  14. Obverse 2 and reverse D, but I've never had one, not even a poor one. I suspect there are not enough of them to have any die pairing variants.
  15. Nick

    New to collecting - my story so far

    Looks to be F or gF.
  16. Having just looked through the London Coins archive, I see that obverse 2 is mentioned for a number of 1889 sixpences in their auction on 01/03/2009. I wonder if these were from Peter Davies' collection.
  17. The images I used were from 1888 for obverse 1 and 1889 for obverse 2. I've never seen an obverse 2 before 1889, although you could say that the JEB on truncation obverse is similar.
  18. Nick

    Possible Fake 1905 Halfcrown

    Not that far, I suspect. I think I'd stop at the last eBay seller.
  19. I imagine so. All of mine were stored in Lighthouse capsules inserted into trays inside metal box cabinets.
  20. Nick

    New to collecting - my story so far

    Some sort of magnification tool is a must, whether that be loupe, magnifying glass or camera.
  21. Thanks guys. Really appreciate it. I hope those of you that bid, managed to get something you wanted. All in all, pleased with the result. Some went for lower estimates, some high and some just wow.
  22. Nick

    Possible Fake 1905 Halfcrown

    Definitely a wrong'un. The hair and beard never look as prominent as that, even on an as struck example.
  23. I have liberated and reduced the NGC photos. I now don't think that it has been cleaned, although the toning doesn't look that appealing and there is what looks like a finger print in front of George's chin.
  24. The patch between the horse's hoof and the dragon's head could be cleaning, but it's not clear from that picture. What grade has NGC given it?