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  1. Howdy.

    I have a token to sell but I don't know how. :rolleyes:

    Sorry. :wacko:

    Any pictures, an era, brief description, anything??

    1794 Lancaster Halfpenny Daniel Eccleston. Condition: Worn but I can read it.

    Hi Peck, nice to hear from you too. I'm sure the last time I communicated with Patrick it was about Warhammer 40,000 :)

    BTW Patrick just thought if you are wanting to sell something you will need to have or have use of a bank account. Can you set one up before 18?

    Hello Debbie. I don't recall Warhammer 40,000 :) .

    I can set one up.

    Any pictures, an era, brief description, anything??

    The tags Patrick has added are "18th century", "Lancaster" and "penny token".

    Though I have to say when I searched what I found were halfpennies ..

    Ah. I thought it was a penny but it was a halfpenny token.... :wacko: