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  1. Hello, i see this is your first post, Marc. their is a kid colecctor on this forum somewhere he is 13 but licks coins very much
  2. Hello17

    Coin Storage

    (er... open topic) is a coin album a good idea for a young collector
  3. Hello17

    Age of members?

    Which, in itself, dates you. Makes me sound like a tree. You're not chopping off my legs to count the rings!! oh thanks for idea. i am 13 as i said but feel 50 as i cannot go a day without getting hurt(even asleep) strangly i like many of the things that Chris Perkins likes?
  4. i have 1931 and 1932 three pence and i decided on the acorn coins as a basis for my collection
  5. Well that's a good strategy for a collection. But when you (one day) have enough money for a 1927 proof set, and see one, you might just fall in love with it - I think it's up there with the best 20th Century proof sets, and was the last truly great set. proofs are nice arn't they never gonna get a edward VIII i think
  6. Check your change will be useful (but i do no have it ) i started on decimal but i thought as they are so heavily minted they would not increase intill value until im dead i decided to go predecimal as scrap ones (my nearest dealer scraps 750k coins a yer he said) can improve as i just said...
  7. i am just collecting the circulation ones
  8. maybe,,, sitting near a scanner but coins are at different house
  9. just wondering if it has any value
  10. Welcome... as i am only a kid it is a dream to own a sovereign (my most valueable coin is about poor / fair in grade) i can really ownly say hi
  11. you mean nationality? if so yeas

  12. Hello17

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Rare-Bizarre-Unique-NAZI-COIN-Vintage-Totally-Weird-X-/330420112704?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4cee92cd40#ht_4001wt_932 http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/14-x-20p-Undated-both-sides-Royal-Mint-Mule-error-Coins-/310266459257?pt=UK_Coins_BritishDecimal_RL&hash=item483d527479#ht_1633wt_932 lol :) wierd
  13. Hello17

    1887 Half Crown

    with out pics it aint that easy seeing your new you arn't grading it to hardly coz some people are like "IT HAS TO BE MEGA SHINY TO BE UNCIRCULATED!!!" and then they get a coin mwith good detail on it and under grade it coins before 1920 dont shine as much now as you should clean them if they are silver hope you have a nice time.... ps. sounding li,ke a robot.
  14. Hello17

    Gold currency.

    i thought currency has something to do with coins :L
  15. hehe i dont lick coppers .... or robbers
  16. Hello17

    iPhone software

    is it on ipod touch?
  17. oh and i have heard of cambridge coins (nice place )
  18. Burn marks would be virtually impossible to remove without severely damaging the coin still further. What a pity you didn't discover them before you burnt the sofa ~ you might have made a few quid I lick that post great granparents just cleaned their sofa got a 1932 threepence in it bu not much
  19. Hello17

    I want to BUY 1967 pennies

    Thank you, I'll have to check that out. If any one here wants to unload their 1967 pennies post and I'll check back later. I'm curious James - why 1967 pennies? You must realise it's probably Britain's commonest coin, along with the 1971 1 New Penny? There was 614 million but quite a few got scrapped i think i know what you want a modified effigy or something else simaller
  20. Hello17

    Where To Buy Coins

    That dealer does otherise he would have thousands of coins and not selling them
  21. Hello17

    Where To Buy Coins

    Bedfordshire- Cambridge coins all the prices lsted are for scrap!-Pennys from 5p (scrap)Victorian pennies from 10p. Brass Three Pences 10p Cupro nickel coins from 20p 52 High Street , Biggleswade , Bedfordshire , UK