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  1. Hello17

    Hello Everybody!

    hi there nice to know theres someone else in aberdeen on here, i actually found out on weds that the stamp shop had coins so i bought some got a good deal as well he told me if he gets any coins now he puts them in the window if there any good so keep an eye there cause he does still have, thanks allot mate if you use facebook or something like that you should send me a way so we could talk . thanks wayne I used to think a junk shop (or non-coin specialist) was a great place for coin bargains. That was until I found a small time antiques shop in the Midlands where I bought a few coins at marginally below book price. He also happened to have a VG 1924 florin he was asking £25 for. I told him it was way overpriced and he gave me a sour look. I went back there a few years later and it was still there, unsold, but now reduced to £20. Still can be but you have to be lucky. My 1893 Jubilee Head sixpence in near fine condition came from a junk shop bowl in Hastings a few years ago, for the princely sum of 50p. Ditto a 1905 florin and 1695 sixpence from a Whitstable junk shop for a couple of pounds each. I also picked up a 1671 Crown with the quarto edge for £30 from a general antiques dealer, so it can be done, albeit you usually wade through piles of rubbish before you find a nugget. But isn't that the fun? Certainly for a collector, but maybe not a dealer? I'm quite sure that there's a 1927 reverse 1922 penny somewhere out there in a bowl with my name on it - its just a case of getting out there. Um... er... no! Speaking personally. (Having dealt a bit and weighed through cardboard boxes of auction lots all containing vast accumulations of cupro-nickel, brass 3ds, and 20th Century bronze, you develop a kind of fatigue that never leaves ) Sorry, the fun is in finding the nugget not the wading through all of the cr*p! Although as a collector and not a dealer, I still enjoy going through pots and buckets at boot fairs etc. One day, I'll find the rarer 1965 sixepnce - got a 1964, but there's a boot fair pot with one for me somewhere. i love looking for nuggets (but not chicken ones)too
  2. Hello17

    Hello Everybody!

    When buying fishy looking coins look for a WR... it means Westair Reproductions and they are the most common type of reproduction I've found. eBay is by far the best way to sell coins if you don't mind the bother of posting. I'd advise buying a coin price guide from your local bookshop. The best for beginners I find is the Coin Yearbook (because it has not only a decent price guide but also info. about rulers of Britain, identifying coins and also grading them) but if you are going into the hobby seriously you should definitely buy Spink's Coins of England and the United Kingdom and the latest Collectors Coins GB. You'll start off buying any coin that takes your fancy but eventually you'll specialise to just a few or just one area of collecting. Some people just collect British pennies and I am refined to just milled British coins. Do you have a favourite type of coin? Do you like the hammered ones like the one you posted or do you prefer the more modern ones? Do you like the higher denominations like silver and gold coins or do you like copper? I'm quite new to collecting being 15, but I've found that I have learned a lot from being a member of this forum and reading books on Numismatics and I have quite a nice collection. I source my coins from the internet, car boot sales, antiques shops, jumble sales and museums. If you need any help the people here are very friendly and don't mind you messaging them. Sion your 2-3 years older than me then i remember reading through CCGB just to look at the picture it is very nice to meet you (i haven't seen any of your posts yet) and, wayne hello to the forum
  3. i have never been to a fair only to a coin shop thanks for comment
  4. Hi You are quite near to Birmingham NEC motorbike museum which has the Midland fair every 2nd Sunday of the month.There are many dealers with the 25p to £5 boxes plus plenty of dealers with albums full of the coins you are after. I think you might enjoy a visit. birmingham is still a bit away ... its easier for me to go to london (down the a1)
  5. Hello17

    1954 penny AVF

    i do know that it is worth over £5
  6. im not that interested in pennies that much as they are the bulk of my collection . but i have a 1854 pennie that i like
  7. Hello17

    1954 penny AVF

    yes typo it was 1854 pics as soon as i can
  8. isn't 'Friendly Competition' an oxymoron pennies are good but im a Shilling guy
  9. i thought ayrshire was sunnier than dundee also loch lomond is quite nice when its sunny
  10. you might need a bit to get some pennies . try metal dectecting all of your own area if you have it natural
  11. Hello17

    Collectors' Coins GB 2009

    i liked the colouring of ccgb 09
  12. its nice ... i have an Ed the 1st silver penny in good condition but all i can afford is post-victorian pennies scrap value (at my local dealer around 10-20p ) and low condition victoian (20-30p) .. GOOD LUCK TO YOU
  13. Hello17

    hi all

    looking through change can be fun ... just don't hurt your back b'cause it hurts if you lift a load of change
  14. Welcome back young Patrick. Looking forward to 6 weeks off school? yes b'cause ill be a year older and i can expand my collection
  15. hello james29, welcome, err... i forgot what else to say so ill give you a random smile like it?
  16. Hoping to expand more

  17. a warm welcome to you, hope you get into coin collecting even as a unexperienced and young collector i can tell you that its worth its silver
  18. Hello17

    Coin albums

    i have a coin album which i keep some of my coins in, but whenever i turn the page a coin always seems mto just fall out, luckily i removed my valuable coins (my Ed the 1 silver penny and my 1674 farthing) before they fell out and got damaged. is this common with albums?
  19. Hello17

    Coin albums

    i think trays would be best for me. i have not put much in my album yet, could keep when i get trays and use for my least valuable coins
  20. Hello17

    Coin albums

    ok are the 2x2 things those things that are same plastic to album but work better at stoping the coins falling out but they only store 1/2 coins each
  21. Hello17

    what are these coins / tokens?

    i belive your right i think i have some of them aswell (wrs not the coins)
  22. I have a Edward I silver penny for christmas and i want to know how much it could be worth as it is in amazing condition (Aunc IMO) i will scan it but not yet
  23. Hello17

    The Frome Hoard

    Someone (who knows coins weirdly) dug up some roman coins but when i say some it is over 50000 coins. 31 was only found on his first attempt. How Lucky is he!More info in a while!