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  1. Hello17

    Should i sell my collection

    i will keep a few but most i do not want very much and need a bit of cash(and space, my bedrooms turning in to model railway.) i also really want to complete my 50 states quarter collection (thank you RLC)
  2. Hello17


    i will take it, that is when i ever have a phone
  3. Now its time to....

  4. Hello17

    My Collection-a little dairy

    My Collection: Edward I silver penny (i dont really collect hammered so cannot grade but probably EF) 1674 farthing charlse II (fair) 1797 penny (fine) 1797 twopenny (fine but with a few knocks) 1799 halfpenny (i have 2 , one in Good fine the other in poor) 1806 farthing (nVF) 1854 Penny PT (VF) 1874 penny (Good Fair) NEW 1887 shilling (gVF) 1894 penny (near fine) NEW 1898 penny (VF) 1900 farthing (fine) 1903 penny (good fine) 1911 penny (around fine for the lot of pennies until 1920) 1912 penny 1913 threepence (fine) NEW 1913 Threepence (EF) 1913 penny NEW 1915 Shilling (EF) 1917 penny NEW 1918 threepence (aEF NEW1919 farthing (nVF) 1919 penny 1920 penny 1927 penny (fine) 1931 Threepence(VF) 1932 sixpence (EF) NEW 1933 Threepence (gEF) 1934 penny (VF) NEW 1934 Threepence (EF) 1936 threepence (VF) NEW1936 Shilling (aEF) 1942 farthing (EF) 1945 penny (fine) NEW 1948 Shilling (EF) 1950 shilling(ef) 1957 shilling (ef) 1957 half crown (ef) New1958 shilling (EF) 1958 halfcrown (ef) 1963 shilling (ef) the new ones was £15 altoghether (for my birthday from my grandad)
  5. Hello17

    My Collection-a little dairy

    Yes, an example of any penny dated in the 1950s is worth getting. Good luck with the 1950 quest. Welcome to the forums Scots You're right about the 1887 shilling and sixpence - those two are probably the two most common silver coins in high grade prior to 1936. But hey, still a nice way to own some good quality Vic silver. mines abit ciculated but still silver in tone
  6. Nice bog head! Wonder whether cargo was bullion or coin Rumour has it the cargo was 1903 & 05 Halfcrowns...that would worry a couple of Chinese manufacturers. Interesting that the announcement of this find, which totals some 200 tons of silver, almost immediately depressed the bullion price for silver by about 20%. The price went from around £25 per troy ounce to £20 almost in an instant. 200 tons? it must have sunk fast.
  7. Hello17

    My Collection-a little dairy

    Yarr, Me Sometime Talk like a pirate too. hello, have fun on forum
  8. Hello17

    My Collection-a little dairy

    it was fun, someone had left(Donated) a bag of pennies (a handbag) and the dealer andme was sitting there . me looking for any rarities and him just chucking them into the bucket for scrap post victoria copper no rarities found there next stop: Farthings
  9. Hello17

    My Collection-a little dairy

    instead came back with aUNC 1929 shilling 1092 Low tide penny (Fine) aUNC 1987 Quarter VF 1926 3d gVF 1920 3d VF 1930 penny gF 1910 Penny £9 Pouhnds
  10. Hello17

    My Collection-a little dairy

    or a 1950 VF peenny (less than ten pounds looked on his web
  11. Hello17

    My Collection-a little dairy

    or open(.....) i will ask him what might interest me
  12. Hello17

    My Collection-a little dairy

    going to my local coin shop today, might have a little look for a 1903 closed penny
  13. Hello and welcome to the forum do you have a picture
  14. Hello17

    My Collection-a little dairy

    1989 and its not gold, it just reflected light well
  15. I imagine those trials are extremely rare. As ever though, rarities depend on the size of the market for them. The very famous 1933 penny would fetch 10 times the price of an equally rare bun penny variety. It would certainly feel good to own something that rare though. That I know from my collection, Rarity does not equale high prices. Often it is the other way around. yes. that is true and thats all folks
  16. OY!!!!! 'Ave I bin wasting me time posting the last two years??? I'll come rahnd yer 'ouse and shove me wit right where the sun don't shine antartica? Azda, tell you son i say happy birthday
  17. Hello17

    My Collection-a little dairy

    more coins, a 2 pound (commemarative) in gold 1988 BU Set (alright) cannot list my other ones (thx peckris nice) util i get home
  18. im confused, is it an inital, its in good condition (thanks peckris ) so im confused
  19. Hello17

    A bunch of coins I have

    Start them all at 99p with £1 postage and see where you end up.You can't lose or gain much. You will however have the hassle of getting paid and posting numerous packages. An alternative would be a £75 BIN with best offer. they look quite modern and are probably cupronickel, but as said kennedy hlaf is silver
  20. If it has the same profile, thickness and weight as a 20p, then it is a blank that got through. It should be flat on both sides as the relief is made by the dies. They usually sell for a few pounds at most, so there isn't a fortune to be made, but it's still a nice thing to have. Basically Hannah, you can group 'weird coins' into groups : • misstrikes and errors (which Rob has identified yours as) - these are collected by some, but even if you don't sell it for a modest sum, it is worth keeping aside as a curio • counterfeits - these might be created to fool slot machines, or like so many current £1 coins, to pass off as a genuine coin; some are historic : a lot of early 19th Century silver was counterfeited in copper and given a thin wash of silver, and these are now quite collectable in their own right. • forgeries - these are valuable coins which have been faked to fool collectors, and which are our biggest headache • tokens - produced to meet a shortage of small change (e.g. late 18th Century), or gambling chips, or even for political reasons • coins that have been 'tooled' or defaced after being taken from circulation - engraved love tokens in the 19th Century, or just worn on a necklace; some are interesting and collectable without being particularly valuable, others are near worthless, e.g. modern coins with initials engraved • coins that have acquired a patina or other unnatural tone - e.g. green from being buried in the ground, or turned into wafers from being immersed in acidI'm sure there's other groupings I've missed - it's worth a whole study in itself! I have a love token i thiink, says MV in very nice lettering, worth its silver at least Acid? What a nasty thing to place a little coin in!!!! Hummph >
  21. Hello17

    1911 Shillings

    copyright? Spink has nothing to say... its jst beside me and i checked
  22. Hello17

    My Collection-a little dairy

    Surprised? That's why you should always buy the books and then the coins. Most people overpay for items because they haven't done their homework. An ethical seller might list an unc 1967 penny for £1. Less scrupulous people might list the same item for £10, after all, £10 isn't a huge amount of money in this day and age. With a little knowledge, the same £10 might just buy all of the Elizabeth II pennies in UNC once you realise how cheap they are. Would you prefer 8 coins (1953 & 1961-7) for the price of 1 without dropping grades, or not? Silly question probably. A really ethical seller would give BU 1967 pennies away free with other purchases. Will they ever be worth anything? Hm. Not in our lifetimes. Having said that, the earlier Liz II pennies (1961 / 62 / 63) are becoming a lot harder to get in genuine BU. The only really easy ones are 1965 / 66 / 67. i do do homwork but i didn't know that.. arent 1953 bu pennies like 10 pounds(still have a look out for the rare one ) anyway got an 1988 bu set so i have the pound thats worth 5 pounds to some :S
  23. Hello17

    My Collection-a little dairy

    are unc pennies that cheap??? wow should keep y eyes open
  24. I've always wanted to get some of the older "odd denomination" US coins such as the three cent piece and two cent piece and see what reactions I got when I spent them. After all, I get lots of funny looks when I spend half dollars (half the cashiers think they are quarters, others think they are dollars and still others think I'm spending foreign money!) and $2 bills, I can't imagine the looks if I'd spend 3 cent and 2 cent pieces. Unfortunately, even low grade examples seem to sell for $20+ for each of them, so as of yet I haven't had an opportunity to do it. im gonna do that with a crown but a decimal one
  25. Hello17

    1911 Shillings

    this is indeed a interesting topic. as a shilling guy i will see.