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  1. What about the bicenntial quarter? got one of them as well, probably from a roll.
  2. Hello, got some quarters, they are from early 80's . I hear these are quite valueable for a non-error coin after 1980 in good condition. Mine are in good condition. Estimated grade for all is EF. not so sure. 1982 P Quarter (Lustre similar to 10ps from 2-4 years ago) 1983 D Quarter (lustre similar to 10ps from 8-12 years ago) 1983 p Quarter (lustre similar to above) Pic will come soon, just need camera.
  3. Thanks guys.what should i get with my birthday cash other than coins? i have £165 i got a laptop and a guitar.
  4. http://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Epiphone-Limited-Edition-Les-Paul-Junior-Translucent-Blue/KYU luckly its my birthday on saturay so i may have the money
  5. Hello17

    Darn Internet

    i don't like heavy metal , to heavy! These is my favorites : Foo Fighters Twisted Sister Egypt Central (Awesome but not well known) Green Day Smash Mouth
  6. Hi. I would like to share with you my most prized coins. i hope you enjoy. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.507623712585821.138634.507623235919202&type=1 thanks. more will be coming soon.
  7. Hi all. Seeing as it is my birthday in 3 weeks(ish...) i wanted some ideas . Please vote by and comment if you have a question. ThankYou
  8. I wish the same was with pennys, i have a spac inbetween 1932 and 1934 that needs filling
  9. Hello17

    My prized coins

    Nice idea Patrick You want to watch your autofocus - are you getting a bit too near the coins? Better to shoot no closer than the minimum focus distance, use maximum resolution, then crop the image. not my camera so hard to control.
  10. i think it would be a EF if it had knocks. i have a 1929 Shilling which has at least 75% lustre. but its got one mark (not a scratch just a mark like its been drawn on ) and spink lists it at 6x what i paid. you say your coin is perfect. i wouldn't say purfect as that doesn't exist in the coin world. you coins should be worth atleast £300-400 together. depending on the year, they could be worth £2K
  11. Hi, Long Time no see(or post?) I have lost my collection. I left it at my granparents and it's been moved around the house and i can't find. Well, i have my 2 common dimes, my state quarter collection, 1970 Proof Set and a 1988 BU set with the £1 i also sold my 1797 1d & 2d for £40, which was good
  12. tell me about it. UNC 1929 for £5 (this i purchased before now
  13. Hello17

    I don't believe it!

    https://www.coincraft.com/products/1898-jubilee-head-shilling.aspx abit of an out rage . my dealer sold me one for £7 and all it has is a wee bit of dirt on it. i would stick to my current dealer . he is good .
  14. Where was it, just out of interest ? I don't know , i didn't find it, soeone else did.
  15. Hello17


    I can't stop hopping either I have an 1844 half farthing. Darn Things are like the least valueable coin from that decade (or even half century) Mine is in my sell list but only if my dealer gives a good price. i expect at least £10 for mine which is in Super condition and curculated and no lustre. Like alot of 1ps now-e-days [not directly on topic ] Selling 30% of collection because i need some money. Too young to get a job. Don't Worry, i am keeping my awesome ones (i.e. 1929 (UNC/aUNC) Shilling /1989 PENNY)
  16. that are not in collector-desirable condition(and don't fit in my missing album). theyre good for young'uns
  17. Hello again Patrick. Looking forward to your school holidays? My 14 year old breaks up next week and will probably spend 5 days a week playing on his infernal xbox Have you decided what you want to collect yet or are you still just buying what you like the look of? The offer still stands from me for some freebies if you want them? I have some good fractional farthings I can send you together with some Victorian sixpences, shilings etc. John. Fractional coins seem to be cheap. i have a aUNC 1844 half farthing. WOW, worth about £10-20. I have coins that i feel sorry for, like my aUNC 1807 (half?)penny, but its got an engraved X shape (nowhere imprtant). and an aUNC 1806 farthing with some stuff in the letters? . You keep your coins, i have gone us.(i tthink) Hi Patrick, I hope they turn up but I would also like to offer you some free coins to get you kick started again. Send me a message with your address and I'll post some coins out to you. Regards, Hus True, but its hiding god Witchcraft !
  18. Hello17

    Some simple rules.

    Can we do WANTED threads
  19. Hello17

    Should i sell my collection

    i have not seen the intrest on british coins i had, but want to collect US coins because i like them as even new ones can be exciting
  20. Hello17

    Should i sell my collection

    This thread is off-topic prone. Going to coin shop to bury my head in scrap pennys <not literally>
  21. Hello17

    Should i sell my collection

    POIDH Pidh? i mean't cleaning no camera an my phone is bad Pictures Or It Didn't Happen, ie, where are the photos Patrick?! Never thought I'd have to teach a youngster internet slang!
  22. Hello17

    my coins

    Is there a 2 attachment limit? this is filling up the forum
  23. Hello17

    Should i sell my collection

    POIDH Pidh? i mean't cleaning