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  1. Hello17

    1863 penny

    its worn then and i know there is a 5 under 3 ill check my CCGB 2009(someone in family needxs it atm) when i gt a chance
  2. i looked at a very worn 1963 penny and i just see a 5 shape in the 3 is it worth anything
  3. Hello17

    1862 Farthing

    doesn't llok wrong just symetrical
  4. Hello17

    1863 Farthing

    looks like well arranged dirt to me. but thats My Opinion
  5. Hello17

    1863 penny

    forgot it ?_? is it normal for it to 5 underneath the 3
  6. my grandma showed me some pre-decimal coins(nothing much except from a few foriegn coins) and i want to know about 1939 shilling and 1963 shilling that my grandma actually made at expediton when she was 12 and they are both in good condition the 1939 is very shiny like it was only say a month old the 1963 is a bit duller but still in amazing condition i haven't got a scanner in access at the moment but i will
  7. Hello17

    1863 penny

    i can at the weekend
  8. i got two 2010 five pence's (must have been fro,m a roll
  9. its the 1963 i can tell
  10. the 1961 is unc and the 1939 i dont know but defenietly from f-ef(i would say gVF)
  11. Hello17


  12. £99.99 is only because shops have to pay tax for everty pound they value the prduct and they get .99 at the end to max profits
  13. is it worth 5/6 pounds as i am going there with my pocket money (im a kid) and only have £8-10 to spend and i like this. is it worth it it is graded UNC and it would be a good starter for me (from Cambridge Coins) i do not have other side becausew it was not there
  14. i remember when i looked at the newspaper and one had sold for over £5000 that a little girl tried to sell
  15. i actually have £15 and i might spend some at the museum though ?-?
  16. yes it is in fashion for my age in my area back on topic???
  17. Hello, I'd go for it ... maybe you could see something else for a couple of pounds if you have spare cashola ... my budget is £10 i am looking at a 1945 half crown (gEF)for the other £5 or a 1949 Half Crown EF for £4
  18. So should i buy when i go this month or not (find another?)
  19. Hello17

    Design your own coins

    So you flip yourself to decide stuff i would like one with a picture of me and the other side a sheep in a sheild shape
  20. i found on some predecimal coins some letters(needed magnifing glass ) what does this mean kg on 1939 shilling wg on english 1963 shilling
  21. Hello17

    Sideline collection ~ £2 coins

    Good to see you back Hello, no, I've never seen a commonwealth games £2 either. Yet. My time will come. That makes me laugh. i went to my local shop and asked for mmy change (£8)in two pound coins and they said they aint got none
  22. Hello17

    Sideline collection ~ £2 coins

    £2 and 50ps with designs on are considerably varying... in every handful; of 50ps the Libary one seems to show and i have never seen a commonmwealt games £2
  23. is mmad about coins