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  1. Peter, Thanks for the link. That is also a pretty decent coin, although the picture could use some more light. John has some nice coins, now and again. I buy off of eBay on occasion, but I never go by the grade they apply to the coin...too much disparity.
  2. I recently obtained a 1844 Farthing from a dealer in New York (obverse attached), and would like the opinion of the Forum on the grading. I purchased the coin as EF. The coin came in an envelope with the Name of Colin Cooke on it, but I am not sure of its pedigree. The reverve will be attached next. Thanks, Bob Here is the Reverse
  3. I really don't mind stating the price, at this point. I paid $520 dollars, or about 295 pounds. I think I may have paid the full value of the coin, but that is not uncommon for better quality pieces. Regards, Bob
  4. Peter, You have a good eye...I didn't notice that myself. The coin is round, without any flattening of the edge, but the rim facing the reverse, does have a, ever so slight, contact just at the outer edge. Thanks for your observation, and your input. Regards, Bob.
  5. Thanks Bronze and Copper. It looks like a consensus! Thanks for the reply. Regards, Bob
  6. Custard, Great hearing from you again, and obtaining your opinion. Regards, Bob
  7. Thanks. I appreciate the evaluation. I noticed the slight friction on the shield also. The coin is really much nicer than the photo shows. I have not mastered photographic lighting yet! <ggg>. Regards, Bob
  8. Teg, Thanks for the reply. I sort of thought that might be the case. By the way, the inverted "V's" on this coin are very clear, so it is a reasonably good example. I have another coin that I requested advice on the forum also, I thought it was probably common too, but it was the opposite, it turned out to be quites scarce. It is a 1861 6 over 8 penny.. Thanks again, and Happy Collecting! Bob Crawford Indianapolis, USA.
  9. The 1841 Farthing, with inverted "V's" instead of "A's" in Gratia, is listed CCGB at 200 pounds, but in Spinks is not listed at all. Is this because it is a minor variety. Can anyone tell me if it really has extra value because of the inverted V's. I have one speciman in probably GF-AVF. Thanks in advance for your reply. Bob.
  10. I looked at my coin, and it also has a protrusion below the first 1. If it was originally a 1 (under the final 1), then it was a differant type style, unlike the final 1, which looks like a capital "I." There are no doubled "A" or die cracks on the coin. Regards, Bob.
  11. Thanks for posting the pic's. You overdate shows very clearly. Regards, Bob
  12. B&C Collector, It would be nice if you could post a couple of pictures of your overdate, to compare to Custard's, and mine. I have the new Spinks 2006 reference book, and it states this coin is "Extremely Rare," but does not place a value on it. I am not an expert on what Spinks considers Extremely Rare, so I would have to defer to you all, for that explaination. Thanks to all for the interesting posts, this is turning into a good thread for research on this coin. Regards, Bob
  13. B&C Collector, I never looked at the first "1", but I will when I get back to Indiana from California. I guess I was concentrating on the 6/8 only. I did notice the first one looked a little differant than the second one, in the date. Thanks for the info! Bob
  14. RLC35


    I use "Coin Elite" coin collecting software. You can enter your whole colection, using only the mouse, for all databases currently active.(mine has USA, Canada, and Mexico). You can also enter all other countries by manual entry. The website says Great Britian database is coming soon. With the specific county database, the program will price your collecton as you enter each item with the mouse. The program runs a multitude of reports, and valuations based on your requirements. The website is www.trovesoftware.com. You can download a sampe program, and try it out for nothing. The cost is $79.00 USD for the program, complete with coin values. Updates each year can be purchased so your collection pricing is up to date with current $ values. Right now I enter my US, Mexico, and Canadian collections automatically, and my Irish, British, and Australian collections manually (much like excel). Happy New year to All!