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  1. RLC35

    LCA September

    C'mon Mike, sell your car, and with the money go for the Narrow date! 😂
  2. Did you say Chicago Peck? Here you go, Buddy Guy and Friends.....
  3. Yes, you are correct. I don't know which location is handling the auction, but usually the coins precede the auction date by 3 to 6 months, in order to catalog the contents, and decide which venue to place the coins in for auction. Many of the higher end auctions are held at some of the larger coin shows, like Chicago, Long Beach, Orlando, New York, etc.
  4. Richard, The Heritage Monthly World & Ancient Coin Auctions have no phone or floor bidding, and are on-line bidding only. That means that this auction will take place either in the Dallas home of Heritage, or the London Office. The sales information does not say which it will be, but with the quality of this collection I would think it would be held in Dallas.
  5. RLC35

    Pennies & Halfpennies Listed on Ebay

    B & C's link above works for me now....
  6. RLC35

    Pennies & Halfpennies Listed on Ebay

    Paulus, While you are on the 1881 screen, click on "see other listings" and it will take you to Gary's other listings. 😂
  7. Retired 10 years ago, prior to that I sold IT Support Services, Nationwide in the USA.
  8. I love it!...Fake News...we specialize in that here in the USA! :-)
  9. I agree Mike, I only used 10A because they had used it at DNW. I think I will change it to F10.
  10. If anyone is looking for a really nice N over Z (F10A), I just put a nice one on ebay, from the "Edinburgh Collection". Pardon the glare on the pics. 15% off to Forum Members. https://www.ebay.com/itm/283076180655?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  11. Lets speed it up a little bit!!!!!!!
  12. Yes, Michael, that is it. I had a subscription to it sent to me in the USA. Thanks. I was about 24 at the time, I am 82 now! LOL...
  13. Mike I just noticed this was from the "Coin Monthly" ...that was not the media I used to get her ads from, it was a tabloid that had two names..Antiques and Trader, or something like that. It was also earlier about 1960-63.
  14. Got it, Thanks Mike. I remember one time, she shut down her business, long enough to have her baby! That child would have to be around 60 today! LOL...
  15. Mike, The file wasn't attached...just the minus sign above. It is a small world isn't?
  16. I just returned from the Chicago International Coin Fair, with a really neat purchase...a Narrow Date 1877 Penny. I bought it from a Florida Dealer, who had owned it for years!
  17. Looks like a 9 to me.....
  18. I haven't seen the updated Freeman book, but I gather that the 1860 N over sideways N (Z) is now referred to as a Freeman 10 A Mike have you talked to Michael to get this new designation? Just wondering.
  19. Fahrenheit....300 degree is a medium heat. I forgot I was talking to Europeans! Ha,Ha...
  20. You might try putting a light coat of olive oil on the coin (dob off excess oil) and bake it in a 300 degree oven for 10 minutes for each side. I use a glass dish to bake it in. That should tone it. If you want it darker...do it again!
  21. Mike and Richard. Add me to the list also! :-)
  22. Pete, I am not sure why they split them up. They just wanted to have them slabbed before the sale, and I agreed. Both PCGS and NGC got both US coins and British coins. I think they may have wanted to give them both some business...not sure though, and I never asked. I do remember the cost though US coins were $15.75 each, and the British were $31.00 each. They did mis-identify some coins though, one a 1922 F192A, came back as a F192! I got that one corrected though. You are right John. Of the raw coins I sent to Heritage, about Half were sent to PCGS, and the other half were sent to NGC for slabbing, by Heritage.
  23. You are right John. Of the raw coins I sent to Heritage, about Half were sent to PCGS, and the other half were sent to NGC for slabbing, by Heritage.
  24. I sent about 100 coins to Heritage to include in one of their auctions. Two of the coins were graded by CGS. I was advised, by Heritage, that those two coins would either have to be sent to NGC or PCGS for regrading, or returned to me. I chose to have them returned, as they were not that scarce of a issue (one was a 1946 dot).
  25. RLC35

    US Grading vs UK Grading.....

    We will never know.......