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  1. This has been a interesting discussion about Dots, Apostrophe's, etc. I agree with Mike and Jerry, that once a variety is "published" it will be more of a accepted Variety, regardless of the number available to collectors.
  2. Good explanation, but still off the mark. The picture was taken through a slab and some shadowing may make it seem elliptical, but it is not, it is round. It is also far away (different location) from any part of the apostrophe on the coin that has a apostrophe. They are two different varieties. All the Best, Bob
  3. Wrong on that one Peck. I have a 1946 with a definite "Dot"...see my earlier pic. I also have one with the apostrophe.
  4. OK Dave, If we are doing Dots on the trident...here is my 1922 "Dot on Trident"
  5. I just checked my 1946 with the apostrophe, and it is just like Richard's picture.
  6. You are right Richard. The dot is even with the 3rd tooth, and the apostrophe is even with the 4th tooth.
  7. It is really hard to get a decent pic thru a slab, but here is the round dot on the 1946.....
  8. For you variety guys.....(dots & apostrophe's) I have two 1946 "Dots" for sale. One is a 1946 "apostrophe", it is NGC AU55BN, and a 1946 with a perfect round "dot", it is CGS F 20. Both are slabbed. Here is a chance to get both types. $230 for the pair +$15 shipping. I do not wish to sell separately.
  9. Here is a 1870 I sold a few years back...it is definitely a round dot!
  10. RLC35

    LCGS - how do you actually register with them?

    Were you talking to Semra Cetin? She can be a little on the tart side sometimes....
  11. RLC35

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I like this part: postage include 100% insurance thats why expensive,so dont complain
  12. That is a rare find! It has the hard to acquire "circular counting machine scratch" above the Queens ear!
  13. RLC35

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Maybe he meant about Fair, instead of about Fine! LOL...
  14. Sellers commission is usually based on the volume, or value of the coins being sold. I approached Heritage and London both with the same coins (about 50k), and Heritage charged 5%, while London wanted 10%. I went with Heritage.
  15. RLC35

    Seeking advice on mintage figures

    You are right Mike, about the mint previously continuing to mint coins of the previous year, as long as the dies were serviceable. A good example is the 1869 Penny. Mintage is shown as 2,580,480, though far less were actually minted with the 1869 date...most were 1868. Gouby in his book estimated the actual mintage of the 1869's at either 600,000 or 800,000 (I forget the actual number, but was less than 1 million), which is why it is a scarce coin.
  16. RLC35

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I have bought and sold coins from TORCOINS. He has always been on the up and up, with me. He advertises a lot of rare coins also.
  17. Richard, I have a F9, but I am not sure if I sent you a pic already or not.
  18. RLC35


    It must be nice to have money to burn! A guitar heard on iconic Pink Floyd albums sold for a record $3.975 million at auction Thursday, and Jim Irsay is the instrument's new owner. The Indianapolis Colts owner picked up three items at the David Gilmour Guitar Collection auction at Christie's New York salesroom:...
  19. RLC35

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    What a bargain...and it is only 78.43 pounds for delivery!
  20. Peter, The haggis didn't put me off, but after having it twice in Scotland, I have decided I don't want any more. The Scots Whisky is another matter completely though! Ha,Ha! I love the breakfast they put on in Britain though...good stuff. I don't have a trip planned at this time, but since my wife and I had such a good time visiting Scotland, England, and Wales the last time, it is on my radar for another trip sometime, preferably when a big coin expo is on! LOL...some things never change.
  21. I noticed that after I made the post. Thanks B&C....
  22. Here is a 2002 Jamaica 50 cent proof in box of issue. Don't know if that will help you or not! https://www.ebay.com/itm/JAMAICA-RARE-SILVER-PROOF-50-COIN-2002-YEAR-KM-184-MILLENNIUM-BOX-COA/323724747861?hash=item4b5f7fa455:g:mp0AAOSwEo5cgBd0
  23. The 1857 "long" 7 is also struck with a triple 7 (CP1857FA)