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  1. Dear Jaggy

    I have been struggeling with the 1887 sixpences for several years. I am not worried about all the R/V R/I or JEB on trunk, these are the basics from Davies. I am concerned about The filled crown on the reverse which seems to have two obverse dies. I am listing 7,8,9,10 obverse varieties of R/I inc A/A. I am worried about the different obverses that go with type three reverse and indeed the two main varieties of type 3 reverse. Would you be a good person to talk to? Looking at your profile picture you seem to know a bit about 1887 and wonder if you got anything from the sale of Alfred Bole sixpences sold by DNW.  

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    2. jaggy


      Appreciate the offer but the Pattern Sixpence is really one of my favourite coins and one that I want to keep a hold of.

    3. 1887jubilee


      Last question is it struck     ˄˅ or ˄˄    and could it be Tin?

      Always keep me in mind when you are ready to do a swap or sale. 07967505509

      best wishes Andrew (collector)


    4. jaggy


      It is struck ˄˅ and definitely aluminium.

      Charles - also a collector.