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  1. The book is "The Coins of the Isle of Man" You won't find the first edition, but the second edition was just published this April. The Author is Mike Southall. The only place you can purchase it is at the Lexicon bookshop in the Isle of Man. Their website was down when I purchased mine and it was a pain to get it, but the staff at Lexicon were very helpful. Are you in the UK or the US? If needed, I will send you an email address and phone number. Hopefully their website will be working.

    if you order it - tell them Zach sent you.  They'll get a kick out of it.

    1. VickySilver



      Yes, Zach, live in the USA (almost sad to admit that these days!). Maryland to be exact. I would order for sure if not a King's ransom.





    2. Exbrit Manx

      Exbrit Manx

      Shipping was almost as much as the book. After all was done - it is an expensive book. I've talked to the author a number of times and a couple of the mints researching a few of the IOM coins. Interesting history. I have ties to the IOM, so I decided to buy it. I was looking for the first edition for a few years with no luck. 

      Do you attend the Whitmans Baltimore show? I've been a couple of times. 

    3. VickySilver


      Yes, I go to almost all of them - not much there for us "dark side" collectors of British and British Colonial...

      Do let me know if you might visit one & we could meet up for a lunch maybe. My friend Mark usually goes to, and he is quite a collector of high end coins with a  lot of stories....

      How much is much on the IOM? Can you send a sample picture?



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