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  1. VickySilver

    Halfcrown list

    Ah sorry that was before coffee! I meant PL 1961 halfcrowns struck on planchets that appear to have been meant for proofs. BTW if anybody has one, I would be a buyer as I had previously passed (I think about 10-15 quid). I actually have a genuine proof 1961 2/6 but even some years ago it wasn't cheap.
  2. VickySilver

    Halfcrown list

    I believe I have seen 1961 on the halfcrowns
  3. VickySilver

    More Pennies

    Fractional ownership = BS. I just can not imagine doing this other than for investment purposes.
  4. VickySilver

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Silly Wabbit, that is a gold off metal strike! LOL.............Well, maybe not.
  5. Continued watch has not been rewarded as NO 1984 specimen FM coins or other rarities. No other 2002 proof sets; as I had said there are a few of the 2002 Track and Field (junior) crowns floating about but they are relatively scarce as well.
  6. I got this coin recently and looks almost normal. What do readers think? I will show a second picture ASAP
  7. LOL Sloppy seconds....
  8. No doubt other assets.... IMO still looks like the one date is larger than the other when looking at each digit - see for example the top stem to the "6".
  9. I like this near-orphan series and have a decent collection. Some years ago I got this coin by chance off eBay and it may be the somewhat elusive 1843 4 over 5 variety. I confess that I’ve not seen other specimens so it may just be die damage at the datal. It almost looks like an inverted 5.
  10. VickySilver

    1843 Groat 4 over 5?

    I am still trying to figure out the number, and does or has anybody seen the 1843 4/5?
  11. Yes, I agree. I doubt anybody has studied date varieties of the poor 1964 penny??
  12. No fooling young Richard! It is.
  13. I believe that was from the era of "mint sport"; as I had [I believe] previously posted I also have a double reverse proof 1970 penny. The OP coin was slabbed as AU58 Brown by NGC. There may be a dash over ONE and will have to look at the original coin. These are more obviously so, whereas I am not certain of the off metal strikes in CuNi (I have one of each date of those 1964-67).
  14. OK, this was a trick post - the coin is certified as TWO reverse dies, a genuine double-reverse coin!
  15. VickySilver

    More Pennies

    Well, that is a nice coin but would likely some to a different conclusion about the cleaning....
  16. VickySilver

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    Wow, I will say that was a steal. To be fair, it may have been cleaned but it is certainly far better preserved than the average.
  17. VickySilver

    More Pennies

    Wel Spink and St. James do alright on some of their sales as well...
  18. VickySilver

    More Pennies

    Marketing. Pump, pump, pump it up. There is a lot of hype on these and people go for this (including me on occasion if I just HAVE to have a coin).
  19. I was astonished to see prices for George V proof silver going "Big Boy". All are prices as knocked down and not the final gross: THe 1931 Proof Crown went for 12k USD The 1934 Proof Crown went for 20.5k USD The 1934 Proof Halfcrown went for 10k USD The 1934 Proof shilling and 3d went for 3k USD These were all very nice coins, but frankly surprised me just a bit as they went for multiples of what I had seen similar coins go for. One other thing to keep in mind though is that many proof Wreath crowns, or at least those slabbed as proof by TPGs are IMO not really proofs. These two both would get my stamp of approval as legitimate proofs however. I managed to squeak by on the 1934 6d which I had been missing (I most certainly try NOT to buy coins at such venues, but where do you find another?).
  20. Wow! Well, good on you for the 3d. The 1934 date may be a bit scarcer; I secured one off Spink back when the SNC was a viable entity....Ex-Norweb.
  21. I absolutely agree. Complete rubbish and lacking aesthetics; I wouldn't even pay spot for it.
  22. OK, as you might imagine I was hopeful that Spink might have something up my alley in their latest e-Sale. Well, basically NO! There is a good date run of halfcrowns for the period 1820 through QE II. HOWEVER, most including the scarcer dates were CLEANED! What in the world? Will collectors please stop trying to "improve" their coins? Especially if they haven't a clue about cleaning or conserving coins. There are no pictures yet, and not that they are that great anyway of late at Spink but their descriptions suffice. I think the only coin I might bid on is the 1846, 6 over 8. The rest including the very rare currency 1839 are CLEANED!!!! Yikes. Well, sorry for the ravings of a lunatic, but I was horrified...