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  1. VickySilver

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    And the same "coin" is resurrected in yet another sale.....
  2. VickySilver

    Just made my day!

    Also, he of 1933 20 Dollar gold fame. His share of that sale 3.75 million dollars less the purchase and inconveniences which still should have netted at least 2 Million dollars!
  3. From "Forrest Gump" (the movie): RUN FORREST, RUN!!! Arrgggghhhh, what a load of cra-....
  4. Wow, those are impressive stats. Now only if we could get more excited about the variety itself. Rare appears to be the word...
  5. Yikes. I would like a review of the Groom book and know nothing of it.
  6. Wow, big number on the 18KN. I got a spare one at least the equal I would sell for a mite less....
  7. Gary that one looks almost as though it was a die done from scratch and not the usual transfer with touchups. It reminds me of the Daniel Carr 1964D Peace Dollar of so much notereity the last few months in the USA (see on www.moonlightminting.com I beleive is the addy). The lettering just looks different as do things such as the rev. shield details, etc. Azda's looks from the pictures to be genuine with the notations already made and think it realistic unslabbed to bring GVF money but IMO if slabbed at, say, PCGS EF 40 perhaps a bit more...
  8. VickySilver

    CGS grading service

    Not to "rag" on CGS but I pointed out that the slabbed farthing they had on display at the NYINC show in fact was an 1875 H and not London minted specimen. Also I have a CGS 85 1935 Specimen crown that is clearly inferior to the PCGS65 of the same coin - only a population of two but are two anecdotes worth mentioning... Mostly I think that CGS does a fair job, as does PCGS with NGC as a bit of an also-ran.
  9. VickySilver

    Collectors Coins GB 2011

    Yes, that is the problem with value cataloguing as there are so many variables so best to be a tad conservative. The same coin sold in a different venue can bring vastly different prices even over short time intervals. Which value to pick? Likely neither high nor low but closer to the latter.
  10. Ah, good guess as supposedly those are generally the equivalents. Once I get off it and figure out how to post will try to show a pic now and then (not to mention figure out the camera - LOL).
  11. VickySilver


    At least to me it appears to be soil/water chlorides as the culprit(s). These likely have a bit more penetration than PVC chlorides. Although I would try acetone and even dish detergent with considerable irrigation and a tamp dry. Guess is that it will require more such as the olive oil, but my problem with olive oil is that although it is partly a solvent that it is the actds doing the work & caution ought therefore be exercised.
  12. Yes, I concur that is obviously one of the better strikes I have seen but sadly has the rim marks and also scattered friction both obv. and rev. Technical grade would be PCGS 55 I should think. I had some luck with my own and count myself lucky. 2500? Wow, that seems high still & was thinking 1200. Then again, compared to the looney buns maybe 2500 is a bargain!
  13. Azda, glad you are so restrained in your opinion of the good gentleman! Can't say as I have a lot of disagreement though...
  14. VickySilver

    London Coins auction

    And I wonder about the 1852 3d currency or not? I vote not. What did it fetch?
  15. Always hard for me to believe a run of one, even if that is the official score. Who is to know, and do dies talk? I think not...The 1954 is a currency strike (vs. the 1952 as a proof). Evidently, the 1952 was a year of waste due to the King's death (the PREVIOUS year) and so there are the orphan bits in the penny, shilling and halfcrown denominations; was the final count really only one penny in proof, one halfcrown currency, one 2/6 in proof and "a couple" of shillings ? Well, that diverges. Regardless, I just don't see value beyond nominal of foil impressions & wish good luck to the buyer.
  16. VickySilver

    1905 Halfcrown

    Azda, both look cleaned and would be bodybagged at PCGS for cleaning would be my guess. I do not like them and think yours far superior, and this is not just flattery.
  17. VickySilver

    1905 Halfcrown

    Yes, definately my recommendation and they will have a tendency to try to be VERY helpful, seeing as how they are trying to establsh an European presence.
  18. VickySilver

    1905 Halfcrown

    PCGS has a presence in Paris. Check their site: www.pcgs.com I have many of my better pieces entombed and am the happier for their long term status as well as being "convertible" in larger auctions. This despite my preference to be able to hold coins.
  19. VickySilver

    1905 Halfcrown

    Which, London Coins? It will be interesting to see what they would go for. This is a case where as much as third party grading is eschewed on these boards that a PCGS or possibly CGS certified coin might bring more because of guaruntee of authenticity, a stamp of approval as it were. What would an ordinary VF coin bring versus a PCGS VF35 coin? I believe that the latter would bring more and certainly would if auctioned by Heritage over in the USA.
  20. VickySilver

    1905 Halfcrown

    A bit crass but what is seller asking for the '41 half sov?
  21. VickySilver

    1905 Halfcrown

    Very nice coin, that 1841 half sov. IMO, the 1905 2/6 looks legitimate and of EF standard, albeit with at least an edge knock that is not severe. Better than VF, and remember that it must be seen in hand as many times the hair on Eddy is not struck up to start with. At least to me a VF or GVF specimen would have more wear apparent on obv. and even reverse.
  22. Mat, I think value hard to determine on that and suspect the earlier auction prices are about what your coin is worth. It might be quite interesting to see what an EF or better might fetch in a major auction however! I tnk as you peruse the posts on this forum that Spink values and assessments might be taken with a bit of salt. Also, rarity requires demand to fetch large amounts for a particular coin. Still, nice find and think I would pay in the 250 range as well. I rather love the Victoria 2/6 series yet do not have one; I recall these coming up about 1-2 x per year in larger auctions. Rob P seems to have quite a storehouse of information and might contribute.
  23. VickySilver

    The 1926 ME penny

    Not stealing thunder from the thread, but which bunhead date is most problematic EF and above (1882 London coin excepted)? My vote goes for 1864 and maybe 1875H... When the '26ME is found in high grade I have seen it to have booming lustre of an almost silky nature with a fairly decent strike. CC has one that may fit that description now....
  24. Spink had one of the Dritanniars for sale 6 or so months ago that I believe is in a PCGS holder 64 - that is incredible as mine is the usual vf or so like all others I have seen. Doubt the Cypriots took much care with those that came their way, or possibly that is only a rumour??