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  1. Not sure of a lot of bargains there. I have been to some of the ANA shows, and I can tell you there are a lot of nice coins. This is a USA dominated event in terms of the most coins offered, but Baldwin nearly always has prime stock as well as Spink. I think DNW mainly goes for exposure and to secure coins for future sales. I believe the first two are actively buying as well, not to mention Knightsbridge... The big USA auction firms are there and many such as Heritage and Goldbergs have coins on display for the upcoming Long Beach sale as well. A lot of excitement; the last Baltimore show had 1100 dealers!
  2. This coin to a layperson is a bit unusual but would have to be in exceptional state of preservation to be worth anything & in all likelihood is not a proof. Perhaps to post a picture & you might even get lucky by one of us buying it (if it were nice or a proof, that is). Depends where you live as to where you might sell it; if the coin is rather lower in level of preservation probably not worth the trouble... BTW, I never did find another recent record of a sale of this particular OP coin - the 1839 Proof Halfpenny. So very rare likely, but who cares?
  3. I noticed that in the last Heritage Sale at the ANA in Boston that there was a proof(64) 1839 Isle of Man Half Penny on sale that ultimately fetched $1150 with "the juice"/commission. Is this a rare coin, as I had not seen it previously, and I wonder what the value would be in merrye olde Englande? A bit out of my area but wondering if any readers had knowledge or thoughts with regards to this.
  4. VickySilver

    1844 Farthing

    Please don't list every filled die variety! I can see somewhat if there is a single central colon , but not one high or low by virtue of the other being filled, etc.
  5. Guess it best not much said about those American State and America the Beautiful quarters now. I agree these "Oly" coins are pure dross.
  6. Dave, I just see there being so many sides to coins/numismatics and my take on them and it as per above is that there are many experiences good and bad. The good, at least for me, outweigh the bad and I have met many people with whom I maintain a friendly relationship, exchange photos, etc. I try to be reasonably careful and not overspend my wallet; with that having been said, I go into "remission" periods of NO coins! And then it hits with a vengeance once again, and off to the races...
  7. VickySilver

    1902 Half Crown

    Still it is that condition, condition, condition is crucial and would say even though I have a nice specimen would pay that kind of money for a special Gem not dipped or bagmarked and well struck...
  8. VickySilver

    1954 penny AVF

    1854 typo probably... Does make me wonder if the Royal Mint only made the one that has escaped into commercial channels (1954 that is). There used to be a crisp (potato chip) add that went : "bet you can't eat just one!" Have always wondered if there were slop with regards to mintage of such supposedly unique pieces.
  9. VickySilver

    Minting Errors

    There was one in a Goldberg auction about 4-5 years ago that graded NGC63 and was IMO entirely undergraded that would have qualified. Think it sold for about $2.2k or so. That coin had a lovely silken lustre and was undipped original with minor die clashing that methinks the graders "dinged" the coin for. If the Jubilee 1893 6d in unc. is according to Spink a 5.5k pounds coin, then an 1854 should be above 1750...
  10. VickySilver

    Minting Errors

    Try finding an 1854 6d uncirculated at ANY price. IMO, that should be a 3k coin in unc.
  11. Definate stigmata of acid dip.
  12. I second that one as there was only an inconsequetial lag here or there with temporary connection losses. Unfortunately I had left one bid with them the day before and still have not figured out if I won as now the lot is reported as unsold whereas it had been shown sold at my top bid previously (huh?)...
  13. All quite obvious copies; I assume you mean the 1937 Ed8 and 1945 G6 3ds? Don't think anybody really worries about this - maybe in 50 or more years a problem.
  14. Azda, out of curiosity, what do you thing an average brown to red-brown but technically uncirculated (ie no wear other than perhaps some bag contact) 1902 LT coin should go for? I daresay that price is near spot-on IMO...
  15. Interesting sidelight in that there is a somewhat controversial bit as to how much of a grade is technical (ie if a coin is not fully struck up how much is it downgraded even though the effect is not due to wear?).
  16. I would go EF as well and think there is a fair amount of luster esp. on reverse...I would buy a coin in this state as VF all day long...
  17. VickySilver

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I think that Lavrillier is a joke of a look for a coin, and just can not accept it as a "true" 1933 penny. I too had a shot at the C. Adams specimen in a day when I could afford such and high-stepped right on over it. Maybe on hindsight could have bought it to "flip" it though...
  18. The original post coin looks genuine to me. A huge problem is that coinage seems IMO to be a nuisance to the Royal Mint, even though it is their business and I am not so confident in their quality control on "legitimate" issues. I have seen other proofs struck on problematic planchets, etc. Currency strikes are very hard to judge the best of counterfeits as the originals are struck on pot-metal and not so grand to begin with...
  19. VickySilver

    Wanted 1938 Farthing £50

    I believe PCGS has rescinded their warranty on copper within their slabs..
  20. VickySilver

    To buy or not to buy?

    Not sure they can be compared. LOL! Lose the wife, keep the child and coins! No, not if the wife is a good one (unlike my ex-).
  21. VickySilver

    To buy or not to buy?

    Well, I wish I could speak with as much confidence and hope the better bits will not head downward, but please do not enter with the thought that these coins are investments. I absolutely love this series and have taken my time with good results, I think. And I started with pre-decimal silver 1946 and worked my way back, picking up the odd earlier bit if it was particularly nice with sales at Glens when they were around, Spink, Baldwin and the odd seller like Nicholls or Robinson. The hunt is quite enjoyable and would again second the opinion on getting the best...
  22. VickySilver

    To buy or not to buy?

    Many opinions, but I think MUCH better to get high quality coins and fewer than a fistful of lesser and worn coins. Get the best you can but shop around. The 1911 through 1919 will be easier than the Edward VII, both to grade and on the budget. Many of us on this board can likely help and likely would not compete with you for them either.
  23. VickySilver

    Half Crowns

    My recollection is that silver content of even the 0.500 issues is about o.2 oz Ag.....x 46.00 $/oz. which I think translates into about L6 of bullion....
  24. And not to divert the OP, but I am a bit nervous at the metals market obliterating the collecting market in general. We have seen in the American series the recent platinum commems lose ALL of their numismatic/collector value in homage to the rise of platinum (admittedly not as great as the silver and gold metoric rises) - an example is the satin finish 2008 W 1/2 oz. $50 coin with mintage of about 2250. This was considered a possible future star but is now available for essentially bullion. So, and this is only one example, we are perhaps seeing the destruction of modern & even precious metal bits. Where will new collectors come from? Will they be content with older issues or essentially copper-nickel cra-? Also, many potential pounds or dollars destined for the collector market may be getting sucked up and into the bullion juggernaut. And when or if bullion crashes, then where will these collectors/numismatists turn?
  25. What about the 1922 rev. 1927 Penny in the two specimen sets. The year was 1924, put together a couple of specimen/proof sets and went back and struck TWO pennies of what would be the current type but with the 1922 date!