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  1. I have a cut quarter for some time, and have seen the various number of pellets after the mint on the shortcross coinage, i did get an article on york issue mintmarks for earlier monarchs, and seen pictures of shortcross with mintmarks, however cant find a picture of one ending in OR with 4 pellets in a diamond. any clues?

  2. so some talk on a facebook group about Edward I class 1c pennies, and punctuation, led to me photographing mine, posted all in a group, mainly to compare and was informed of something, (they are quite knowledgeable) I own 4 1c's as part of my Edward I collection, this one I bought a few years ago and only went for it due to the the reverse N's being different. I was informed it was a class 1C/D mule, which is logical after its mentioned, as the 1D pennies had larger lettering, as this reverse does, from what I am told about this particular variation is that there only ONE other example known, in the British Museum, has anyone seen any more of these... anywhere?



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  3. you still can't I dug out an old halfpenny from William III which i bought a few years ago as 1696... I saw it as 6 recut with a 5.. others saw just 1696, others saw 1695, if i angle it I can see either 95 or 96... then someone said 5 over 4.. which also possible.


    the subliminal recognition I know best is the George V modified Effigy... give me a coin with that head on head side I can see it right away, however give me a 1926 reverse side, takes me a few minutes to recognize it.

    I got some token in Bulgaria a few years back, with the Pentacle of Soloman on one side, the other side re carved to have the P with the X through the tail.. but with 2 X, no idea what that is... and only found 1 example of the token in the first place.... on a polish forum :/, wonder what this is for.