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  1. scott

    bad hair day?

    we get wild deers in north manchester, or one anyway.
  2. scott

    Recent aquisitions

    quite a lot of local issue currency around that time for everywhere, even the french did it for their Caribbean territories plus its an important stop off for shipping, and its east india company as well, therefore cant use British currency
  3. what about royal mint internal money.. is that legal to own outside the mint?
  4. but they have already minted the actual coins (dated 2016) as well.
  5. scott


    gotta admit its tempting... but spent a fair bit these past couple of weeks.
  6. scott

    Brexit and money talk

    and Wales and England.
  7. scott

    Brexit and money talk

    no we had a yes or no vote. what people want who voted No is what the vote is for... the sad thing is.. during the vote when remain took the lead.. the Pound shot up... and most didn't ignore the spouted crap, otherwise remain would have won.
  8. no, but there are plenty of resource sites that show you the pictures of them.
  9. dont understand either, the last 1 in the date points to a space, looking at the dies, it should be to tooth for D over sideways D
  10. actually if you look at the 5... it could be a 4 under there.
  11. leave the early milled alone
  12. nah people still miss things even without BiN, I have found the odd thing over the years for peanuts in bidding.
  13. the item has to be the one pictured, if you start showing high grade ones for extra cash then it is still fraudulent, given the price was the price you would pay for a standard 1946 in that grade its obvious.
  14. scott

    1860 Penny

    I love the colour of that coin.
  15. well its a groat, zoom out a bit sometimes its good to see it a little smaller
  16. scott

    eBay seems fishy.

    fairly common those.
  17. super, I buy items from ebay buyers and it doesn't turn up, instead of the usual. I get this You purchased this item as a PayPal guest user and will need to contact PayPal directly by going through their resolution centre. since when has this been a thing. last time I checked i was using my paypal account I have always used, as well.
  18. that's the thing, I haven't changed anything, I used card and it still went through paypal.
  19. I haven't either, I'm using my card that is registered to Paypal.. so ebay have changed something, I have had no notification of changes to a guest account...
  20. there is also talk of a 1991 irish small 5p in existance