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  1. scott

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    1863 over 7.... at least say 2 :/
  2. scott

    Oldest coin you received in change/spent?

    I have found OH viccies and Edward VII heavily worn both sides,to the extent of your average 1890's pennies
  3. isn't that a die error the filled thing, I have a few.. 1699-1701 the quality goes downhill find a few missing N as well spot the error another example of the filled T's... also on a cast planchet 2 more spot the errors some other rare unlisted William halfpenny errors 6 over 5?
  4. what is the date on the iceland coin? the earlier ones are worth a bit
  5. depends, leaving high bids doesn't always shoot up, only shoots up when you get a few high bids
  6. scott

    Oldest coin you received in change/spent?

    bit like when I bought my 1858 farthing, bought it because was a nice design and cheap, only to find out years later it was the small date one
  7. yea, but my favourate was 1879 penny.... 2 types, i got for 99p.. granted very worn.. but it was clear it was both 1879 wide and Narrow in the pictures
  8. try the post office as well, big city ones even sell sets etc.
  9. rares don't always get noticed though, bagged a few for peanuts in the past.
  10. yea and now everyone bids on it
  11. scott

    The Last Round Pound United Kingdom £1 2016

    Royal Mint sell them, I actually bought 1 because it is the best design we have had on a £1
  12. scott

    Diane Abbacus Abbott

    no but May sold arms to Saudi Arabia who supply terrorists..
  13. scott

    Diane Abbacus Abbott

    well the Tories were too busy attacking Labour for anyone to notice, or remember that the tories have their own Buffoon... Boris.
  14. scott

    Recent aquisitions

    43mm and about 50g copper.
  15. scott

    Opinions on eBay

    I find it annoying as a buyer, you select the coins page and all you get are £1 coins and 50ps....
  16. well the coins back then were valued on silver weight, so a coin of similar metal, size and therefore, weight would be taken as legal tender, I see a few Metal detecting find lots on Ebay seem to have coins of Venice, so what we probably see are people trading, bring back the currency and use it. Remember also that Portugal is our oldest Ally.
  17. scott

    Oldest coin you received in change/spent?

    1933 halfpenny fell out of one of those 2p machines in Blackpool.... got a 1970 USA cent in Hawaii... was hoping for earlier
  18. scott

    Recent aquisitions

    got these + 2 Elizabeth II's (50% silver still) for very little, these 2 are hard dates, the 1914 is worth more then i spent alone. Denga, 1731 overstrike over a Peter Kopek 1764 2 kopek 1778 5 Kopek... high grade as well.. big lump of copper
  19. getting a Vatican set new costs a small fortune though
  20. scott

    TPG just gets silly

    I am seeing a lot of "early release" stuff as well now..
  21. scott

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    so identifiable that it is a farthing.. worth less then a fiver. Don't see many Halfpennies, so even that state... not worth the asking price and people and their throwers... throw em my way.
  22. scott

    New pound coin

    isn't that just random, like the old lettering placement?
  23. scott

    Gun money

    December, can make out the first 2 letters on mine. I cant read anything on that shilling though to help. there were different fonts and styles used for the months though.
  24. scott

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    looks it
  25. scott

    Recent aquisitions

    Still do, quite a few rare variaties. I prefer the big stuff but those can get expensive.