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  1. scott

    My Latest Acquisition

    1972 was never released into circulation, so only proof.
  2. scott

    My Latest Acquisition

    if you do Lizzy.. get a 72 set. why 1935? I would go for 36, unless it is because of the crown.
  3. scott

    Silver Proof Kew gardens 50p

    could just turn it over
  4. scott

    Portcullis Varieties On Decimal Penny

    the 1985 obverse, to me, seems to be different from the later ones on all the coins, text seems thinner, beads, even the strike seems different.
  5. someone on a facebook group had contacts within the mint, it was 1.8m in August.
  6. there are people buying huge quantities of Newton 50ps.. in bags of 250 etc... direct from the bank, then selling each one for £2-3 this is joe public selling to, joe public.. last count there were 1.8 million of them minted...
  7. De la rue has a license to print money Royal mint are getting to the point where they sell overpriced stuff now,they are selling a 1970 set on their site for... £42
  8. scott

    New pound coin

    I got one on the corner directly underneath, seems to sink the the level of the main field. seems to be on a recent batch... others are fine.
  9. scott

    Mintage numbers

    I'm more interested in the Halfpennies, as those seem to be rare
  10. scott

    Mintage numbers

    where are the actual figures per coin there though.
  11. scott

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    cant be doing with all the 50ps either, don't need 5+ designs a year. post 1971 tat? my 1972 proof set disagrees.
  12. scott

    Edwardian pennies

    got a few Lincoln seemingly struck on a larger piece of silver Bury st Edmund's
  13. scott

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    first thing is pretty nice though.
  14. should just ban selling circulation coins for profit.. that's half of ebay cleared
  15. scott

    New pound coin

    also 2017 ones the watermark feature the £ is clearly visible nearly all the time.
  16. no orders for 1954 so they melted them down? how did 1 get into circulation then?
  17. scott

    2016 New Pound Coin Varieties

    some of the details at a glance would be the corners some seem more rounded, not really noted anything else.
  18. scott

    New pound coin

    still not got one of the wrong sided ones.. got a fair few 2016 and 2017s to check for details now though.
  19. scott

    Ануд Якоб

    as does the Cyrillic in the title
  20. scott

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    no no, just saying, in regards to the 1875 H fake, I can see it is fake right away, but looking at it the differences are minor so still have to check.. hence the comparison to the ME, I can see it if I had the coin Obverse side, or in a pile, but if I was handed a 1926 reverse side, I would still have to check, especially where the key marker is worn.
  21. scott

    1845 Farthing one dot

    I have an 1845 with a very weak/ no top dot after DEF as well...which I posted ages ago
  22. scott

    ?16th century coin

    looks like Spanish Netherlands
  23. hong kong 20 cents perhaps?
  24. scott

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    it has the look of being fake, but you can't tell why. I have the same thing with the Geo V modfied effigy.. if i pick up a coin with that head I know it is one... (and usually 1927 :() but if I pick up an 1926 I spend a good while checking.. even though i can tell at a glance the 2 heads.. it just looks similar but with small changes and triggers.