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  1. Hi bronze, can you help me with the id of this reverse 1861 penny. Cheers jim


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    2. terrysoldpennies


      Jim . there's only three possible reverse types for an 1860 penny  Freeman  D   F and G   . D as in the pictured coin has  a small rock left of lighthouse , and so also has type F , but F has a rounded top to the lighthouse , with the type D a pointed top . From the picture it looks more pointed ,though it is to warn to be sure. the G type has no rock left of the lighthouse . so my best guess is a D.      Terry

    3. terrysoldpennies


      Sorry I said 1860 penny should have said 1861    Terry 



      Great comment terry, but i couln't see the lcw below the shield freeman D, so i thought this could be the rare freeman F ?


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