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Status Updates posted by Geordie582

  1. Having trouble visiting your web site, Clive. Have you abandoned it?

    I drop in every couple of days.

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    2. HistoricCoinage


      Apologies, everyone! The site got hacked and I'm working on restoring it. Nothing compromised, should be back on my Monday!

    3. Ukstu


      Thanks Clive. Hope you get it sorted soon. ?

    4. Geordie582


      Communicating with it OK now !

  2. Rob. Would you let me post a copy of your analysis of the EU question on another forum. It's the most sensible assessment I've read so far.

    (It will be the RAF forum where a similar topic is raging!)

    1. Rob


      Course you can. Unlike some assessments of the EU and its policy, it wasn't intended as a piece of fiction.



    2. Geordie582


      Thanks. The RAF topic is raging mainly because of ex-pats who see themselves as threatened in some way, though I can't see the likes of Spain kicking them out any time soon - they provide too much revenue!!