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  1. Is it an area thing? Although I've searched my wife's purse regularly, I've only come across the Archery issue up here in wild Cumbria!
  2. Geordie582

    Linder Magnicam

    Just a tip if you're trying it out. Take the lens cover off first - not as crazy as it sounds as it took me a week before I realised that the transparent cover came off!!! It makes a big difference to the picture.
  3. Geordie582

    Linder Magnicam

    The item is styled "USB Digital-Microscope" and 'artikel-Nr,: 7155. I've had it for a while now. It has an inbuilt camera facility which attracted me as copying screen shots never work well for me. Hope it still is available!! The handbook is dated Nov 09
  4. Geordie582

    Linder Magnicam

    Linder also produce this... Microscope I use it for all my coins,you can see results on my Omnicoin link, though the rig you see was made necessary for larger, crown sized, coins. Useful for detail too, like this segment of a hammered farthing. farthing segment
  5. Geordie582

    Celtic Coin

    Sounds as though you have a unique coin there! It is something numismatists dream of. Hang on to it!!!
  6. Geordie582

    Celtic Coin

    So his identification would put it as one of Addedomaros coins? but he doesn't mention gilding of any.
  7. Geordie582

    Celtic Coin

    Why don't you take a look at Philip de Jersey's book "Celtic Coinage in Britain". Try page33. Illustration 48 shows a North Thames unit that seems to be a clearer example of your coin. You don't say whether it is bronze or silver, but the picture is attributed to the Institute of Archaeology at Oxford. A coincidence?
  8. Geordie582

    ID please

    I'd say it is Edward I Class 10b of Bishop Bec of Durham, Note the cross moline as initial mark.
  9. If you are talking of grading all types of hammered coins you will fall at the fence with Henry II Tealby issues. The truth is you have to take all hammered by the known appearance of the particular issue. VF Tealby's can be practically unreadable
  10. Hi! Colin. I've been around and snooping on all the forums for some time. I did have a medical set back which needed quite a lot of follow-up, but all OK now. As I completed the run of Edward I mints, I am just looking to improve the collection. I have an extensive collection of other coins, mainly hammered but including crowns, but the huge increase in prices excludes any improvement. So I just snoop on all yous lot and only poke my nose in occasionally!
  11. As an ex-naval man I guess he could take all of you on!!!
  12. Geordie582

    Hammered silver ID please

    I'd put it as an error version of 5b ( the V in place of W) that has been 'bounced' to show a certain ammount of double striking on the reverse.
  13. Geordie582

    seen on ebay

    A Rarety Rocking horse dooda comes to mind!
  14. OK! Let's throw a pebble in the pond. How about hammered? Personally I think slabs areOK for the modern machine produced coins, but you just lose too much when it's a hammered coin. They are not always neatly round or flat and the tone is everything. Also, the fingerprints, if any, could be several centuries old. Ancient and modern don't mix.
  15. Geordie582

    Forum was hacked

    I did notice strange presentation when I opened the site and tried to log on to tell you - but - my user name and password were rejected!! I assumed, as I don't usually log on (being a hammered nut,I only log on when there is something interesting to me),that it was my computer! so spent quite a long time 'troubleshooting'! Luckily I gave up and decided to leave it until tomorrow. Thank goodness. Hadn't seen that "text only" presentation before.
  16. Geordie582

    edward I or II?

    OK! I'm going to stick my neck out and say Edward III. A 'last one before knock off' The moneyer must have been in a hurry. I'm speculating on the clean, precise lettering. Maybe 4th coinage. Canterbury of course but very little to go on
  17. Surely anything else is purely decoration, so deserves to be included with medals?
  18. Please don't get the idea that the Queen has any say in the matter! Sure. she is supposed to OK the issues - but the choice is that of politicians - who resent the mere fact of her existence and would brook no argument and are more likely to be pushing their latest project
  19. I bought a little book today, from a charity shop, that has proved very informative - but has to be taken with a pinch of salt in places! It is a 1970 issue of "Teach yourself Numismatics" by C.C. Chamberlain. One pearl of wisdom I thought I'd pass on:- "Cleaning Coins. Where a copper coin has a fine patina or a silver coin is richly 'toned', they are best left alone. A badly corroded coin, however, can be improved by brushing with sawdust soaked in diluted sulphuric or citric acid. Ammonia will remove green oxide." So now you know!
  20. Geordie582

    Celtic Coin Identification

    Most Celtic tribes used the prancing horse and ,as the earlier coins were slightly syphate, often have worn reverses so presenting a blank face. However, some tribes produced single sided coins also. I'd scour Rudds catalogues and Spinks catalogue for a match. Posting a picture would assist any forum member to better help you.
  21. Geordie582

    Old Search

    I've asked this before, but I make no apology for doing it again! Has anyone any ideas? (I've tried Mereaux, but I'm not convinced) Uk-1 Unknown Bronze Thin flan scyphate "Cup" Coin. 17mm x 16mm Crude head facing with Roman style armour? Possibly holding some sort of weapon. Looks very similar style to the Stephen silver penny on the cover of March 04 issue of Trenerry. Patriarchal Cross similar to that seen on Viking coins of England (i.e. S993/998 q.v.) Possible pellets below & above. Other marks too worn to decipher. Found:-Among a lot of uncleaned Roman metal detector finds purchased on E-bay. Well encrusted and possibly adhering to another coin. Thoughts:- It may be a ‘touch piece’ or souvenir picked up by a much travelled Roman soldier before being posted to England It has been suggested that it is a " Mereaux" or church token from Lorraine, but these are usually of lead and circular. I've posted this on Coin People as well - you never know!
  22. Geordie582

    Celtic Unit

    Here is my latest purchase. I know it is Celtic but, despite searching two years catalogues of Chris Rudd and Philip de Jersey's book, I can't attribute with any certainty. Anyone have any ideas?
  23. I'm collecting Medieval European coins, preferably obscure identifications. The latest!!
  24. Thanks, fellows! had a great day.
  25. Geordie582

    Interesting coin?

    It's a 'sterling' continental copy of Edward penny. One of the many continental states that copied English coins of the era because they were higher quality. Maybe someone can identify the local ruler and state?