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  1. Geordie582

    Penson Gripe

    Perhaps if you look on this as a percentage of life expectancy things would look different. Most of my contemporaries are dead. Makes you think. Most of my fathers' work mates only had a couple of years, including my Dad.
  2. Ah !! Oh for the Seaby days.
  3. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/131032213536?ssPageName=STRK:MESINDXX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1436.l2649 I hope someone told Charles.
  4. Ah ! Fun over. It has been withdrawn
  5. I've just bought this great, and comprehensive, book on the long line of Continental Sterling Copies of English coinage. Pricey but well worth it! Sterling Imitations of Edwardian Type by N.J.Mayhew (of course!) The Royal Numismatic Society. Not Rotographic production for which I apologise. It really is helping me!
  6. Geordie582

    Sterling Copies Book

    I love my humble library but finding good reference books at an affordable price is like looking for the lost grail! So when I spied this I had to have it! (even though it meant foregoing a couple of coins)
  7. I've just hit a wrong button when replying. It has sent a "report" of this topic!!!! I hope the moderator has a sense of humour! All I said was I don't think there are many members that can afford those prices for what's on offer!
  8. Geordie582

    Check my site

    No problem with me using Chrome.
  9. Geordie582

    A Rant

    I have definitely stopped getting the annual issues of "un-circulated coins" from the Royal Mint. I'm fed up with the racketeering trend of the supposed national mint. The sell £5 currency pieces that are never in circulation and would not be accepted by any supermarket. They do it at at the very least twice face value. They also produce "commemorative issues" at the drop of a hat at inflated prices. Well I for one have ceased being so gullible.!
  10. Geordie582

    A Rant

    It's the £5 coins that won't buy anything except some poor sucker's money. I've two drawers of a cabinet full of scrap metal. It's a good job they are just a byline for my collection! The crowns up to Elizabeth II are OK - the rest just a mistake!
  11. Geordie582

    Help Identify This Coin

    Thanks Clive! I've read your reply and Dpul7 has given me food for thought. For those inquisitive of the reply:- It is a fractional of Portugese Soldos of around 1400, to be refined by further investigation.
  12. Geordie582

    Help Identify This Coin

    Casting the net wider. I'm looking for clues as to the identity of this coin. It looks like H & V bracketing the shield. The reverse is long cross type but the cross is mad up of 4 swords. A rosette in each quadrant. 14 mm diameter 0.7grams. I can't find it in Mayhew. Any suggestions welcome
  13. Geordie582

    Room 101

    Now you've opened a can of worms!! Screeching female "Muzak" in all the supermarkets Prams! 'I have a child I demand right of way' Undisciplined children with doting parents.... Oh! This could go on for a long time..... By the way I'm a grumpy old man!
  14. Geordie582

    Room 101

    Getting back to Room 101. No-one has mentioned the Royal Mint who are the ultimate in ripping off collectors, mainly young and starter collectors. £8 for the new 50p and £10 for a £2 piece. Not the best way to encourage new blood. I know they have to make a profit, but obvious an attempt to rip off?
  15. Geordie582

    coin cabinets

    I've had a Peter Nichols cabinet for a number of years now and am very happy with it. It does have a drawer as the bottom Tray and is extremely useful for my calipers and digital scales. I can't see the design in the current list but most resembles the Annulet example, though it doesn't have doors. Highly recommended.
  16. A very dignified and slow Yuletide greeting to you all - having completed the required Christmas dinner and subsequent tipples, as I sink slowly in my chair and take another swig from a very tall glass, I hope you all are doing the same - and if you're not, I don't know whether to feel sorry for you or wonder at you're marvelous control. Only a few days 'til we can start again for the New Year. Cheers!
  17. Merry Christmas & happy new year to all our readers and ---yah! boo to the one outbidding me on Ebay!!
  18. Geordie582

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Not so much to make you laugh - more make you cry!!! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RARE-SPANISH-Coinage-1-4-Real-Ferdinand-Isabella-Hammered-silver-1474-1504-/251184569976?clk_rvr_id=425132996738
  19. Edward IV. Unfortunately I can't tell which reign but you can say in the periods 1461-70 or 1471-83. Definitely York. There are 3 ecclesiastical marks it could be. Archbishop George Neville--- G and key by the bust. Archbishop Lawrence Booth---- B and key by the bust. Archbishop Thomas Rotherham-- T and key by the bust. The letter is so mangled it could be any one. The condition is usual for this reign. Hope this helps! Still it is nice to have a memento of the wars of the roses
  20. TBH i'd love to think this is genuine. The seller sells many Sovs, but a rarity such as this on ebay is somewhat strange to me. An EF graded coin in Spinks is around 8500 quid. Why put this coin on ebay if its so rare? Even Spinks has a warning of forgeries for this date. It all looks fishy to me.
  21. Damn! Can't use that excuse any more! It appears to have been fixed. I guess I'll just have to live with my itch
  22. Archbishop Wigmund of Northumbria (837) gold solidus. The beginning of taking coinage seriously in Northumbria, my birthplace!
  23. Off with all your heads Lets get back to real monarchy and get rid of these pesky politicians
  24. Geordie582

    Elizabeth Martlet Threefarthing?

    About as rare as hens feet! as opposed to hens teeth