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  1. Geordie582

    Alex Salmond

    Typical of the losers to produce pictures biased to hide the other 'Rioters'
  2. Geordie582

    Alex Salmond

    I just hope simmering resentments, long held by the Scots, will not now tear that country apart. I hope the example of the Maoist Alex Salmond will serve a lesson - don't listen to rabble rousers
  3. Geordie582

    Membership List

    I had occasion to browse the 'Members' link and noticed a large percentage of those listed, although joining a few years back, have either only posted a couple of times - or not at all! Do you ever do a "cull" of deadwood or are they allowed to remain 'in perpetuum' ?
  4. Geordie582

    Coin Monthly 1970.

    You guys are talking a foreign language! Must look for a translation book next time I'm in a charity shop
  5. Geordie582

    Hammered farthing in need of I.D

    Yes ! I'll stick with my first impression. The annulets seem to be a little smaller than normal, but clear enough.
  6. Geordie582

    Hammered farthing in need of I.D

    :Looks like Henry VI of Calais, but I can't be sure. The photo is too blurred for my old eyes to decipher!!! Spinks 1852?
  7. Up in the sticks -- Corbet & Hunter (Newcastle). Now just Corbets and no Hunter?? I used to buy all my early ('50s) hammered and Saxon from them. I called in a couple of years ago but the stock didn't seem the same range.
  8. Geordie582

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Cracks me up!
  9. When Will Politicians Learn? NEVER ! Simples!
  10. Geordie582

    Digital Microscopes

    That's the one! Did I buy it from you about 2-3 years ago. I had it in my mind it probably was
  11. Geordie582

    Digital Microscopes

    Forgot to say, the capture is by mouse click although there is a button on the body, if required!
  12. Geordie582

    Digital Microscopes

    Don't know if this helps but I have used this microscope for photographing my coins for the past two years. The contraption it sits on is a gsh-up to allow crown sized coins to be pictured. As I mainly collect hammered. I find this rig covers all eventualities. Bought on line for £50 I am really satisfied with it. It's a Lindner product but I have no idea if it is still available. http://img5012.photobox.co.uk/055269878309c593420c04520264927bd4e101872bc00bdfd73457aeac91d0967aecc77c.jpg Hope the link works!!!!
  13. If "Freedom" goes ahead, my wife will be sad as her tot of whiskey will probably double in price! She'll have to start drinking a proper drink like gin & tonic like I do!!!!
  14. Geordie582

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    What is the mark on that museum replica, Does anyone know?
  15. Geordie582

    Coin? Id

    Looks like a medieval bag seal to me.
  16. Geordie582

    Did It Follow The Same Formula In The Sixties

    Back in 1946 I started collecting pennies. I found H,KN, 50 and 51's all regulars in change. Unfortunately, being a lowly Aircraft Apprentice meant by the time of my graduation, I had spent the lot!!!
  17. Bored now ! Please stop playground bickering.
  18. I've been reading the Scottish diatribes with some amusement and can only think it's about time they should start wearing underpants with their kilts as it seem there's too much of a cold draught up there!
  19. Geordie582

    Global Warming

    My sister has just gone to Florida and reports 5degrees "and bloody cold" But as she lives in Ontario she doesn't have room to complain!!!!
  20. Geordie582

    New Coin Designs For 2014

    Really can't comment on the output of the Royal Mint as I stopped collecting the modern rubbish a couple of years ago! Oh! I still spend it though. I'll stick with hammered.
  21. Geordie582


    I started, back in '46, collecting pennies by date. I worked behind the counter of a YMCA on an RAF station, and there were plenty of Victorian (and on) copper coins. As we were only payed a small amount, as an RAF Apprentice, they formed the main currency on camp!. Later in my career, I was posted to Malta and was surprised to see a glut of Victoria and Edward VII silver! Apparently local farmers didn't trust paper money for years and saved up silver "under the bed" so when they needed a large purchase, animals, machinery etc., out came the suitcase!! I had an enviable collection when I left the island! Sadly I foolishly sold them all to buy my first computer! Now I mainly concentrate on English hammered of the Plantagenets and Continental Sterling copies. Budget concerns mean I'm limited to the lower grades but still enjoy the hunt. I did try going back in history and have managed to accumulate Celtic, Roman and Saxon as well but only "in passing".
  22. I have tried all three mentioned and found MyHeritage and Findmypast to be useful. I thinkAncestry is overpriced and the others can be reasonable provided you tailor your search. I liked the website provided by MyHeritage. Here's mine. http://www.myheritage.com/site-192711321/stoker
  23. MyHeritage is a good site to try