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  1. Geordie582

    Another Unknown

    Thanks kuhli. I had doubts about the Tibet assignment but 'no speaka da lingo' doesn't help!! I can now label the thing. Any idea why it's so irregular being 1838 it must be milled!
  2. Geordie582

    Mysterious Edward I penny

    I previously requested the help of the forum to identify an apparent Edward I hammered penny showing SCOT in the legend. Reference to Tully House's Tim Padley refered me to the British Museum and Dr. Cook. He has sent me a long letter solving the mystery. It is an Sterling of William of Namur in imitation of current Edward pennies to replace these in circulation in the principality, thus retaining the profits. The legend reads:- obverse; EDWILLELMVSCOMVB and the reverse; NAM VRG ENS IS+ Hope this interests some of you?
  3. Geordie582

    Vintage Coins

    Seems that the Royal Mint is a VERY successful business!!
  4. I'm about to shock! I use CD 'crystal cases' with inserts made from three layers of polystyrene wall liner, suitably cut with holes to fit the coins by means of a small soldering iron. So far, no adverse affects. Perhaps someone will shoot this method down, but it is very convenient when the cases are kept in a CD tower!
  5. Geordie582

    Not Byzantine?

    I asked Richard at coinsforus but he has no idea either! What with the Edward I and this one I'm not having much success. Perhaps I should take up knitting!
  6. Geordie582

    Not Byzantine?

    I obtained this coin among a lot of uncleaned Roman. I have researched Byzantine, that it resembles, without success. It has been suggested that it could be on of the early Indian States. Any ideas? Unknown1r.jif
  7. Geordie582

    Some really ridiculous eBay listings

    As a regular purchaser on e-bay, I differ from most of the opinions expressed about grading. Anyone who accepts anothers grading is asking for trouble! I am different from most other collectors in that I prefer a circulated coin before an uncirculated specimen kept in a bank for the last few hundred years. Handling a coin that could have been held by Boudicca or Charles I gives me the 'buzz'. But then I can't afford the 'pretty' versions anyway!
  8. Further to the discussion. I've managed to get the picture to attach. Any help? Edwardo.jif
  9. Geordie582

    Not Byzantine?

    Perhaps the picture is not as clear as it should be, but the portrait looks more like Roman type armour than anything else. The shape suggest that it was cut from a sheet of stamped 'coins'. It could always be some sort of decoration?
  10. Geordie582

    Not Byzantine?

    To add to the previous, here is the obverse. Unkown1o.jif