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  1. Geordie582

    2005 Sovereigns

    As one of the 'young' (at 75 ) I must say that, in general, the current idea of "modern" appears to be an excuse for palid imitations of works of art in all fields. You can be modern, but please, make it something to make people stop and say "what a wonderful thing", not "what a load of junk", (vis the response to the continued garbage from the Turner prize.
  2. Geordie582

    Typo or issue

    I'll alter my catalogue to read 2002 then!!
  3. Geordie582

    More E Bay

    How would you grade this one? It looks at first as if someone has made it out of solder!! Link
  4. Geordie582

    More E Bay

    I agree. Glad I didn't win it!
  5. I'd love to go, but from the wilds of Cumbria, I'd need a good team of huskys! Oh! to be nearer the action!
  6. Geordie582

    Some really ridiculous eBay listings

    Once more...? May as well add this!
  7. Geordie582

    Some really ridiculous eBay listings

    I Dont believe it! By the same guy as previous jokes?
  8. Geordie582

    Blank half penny

    Sorry, That last post was me! I forgot to log in - I'm at a remote location,
  9. Must be a token of some sort. They didn't date coins then!
  10. Geordie582

    Right, I need a favour!

    I've just recieved my copy of the Collectors Coins GB 2005! Would you believe - from Smiths!! It took long enough. Maybe other books will be stocked a bit quicker now!?!
  11. Geordie582

    New Beginnings

    WARNING! Hammered coins are addictive! And there is no known cure.
  12. Geordie582

    Recent Purchases

    Nice coin! You're making me start to look on e-bay again, with hope!
  13. Geordie582

    A pdf pages 1-53

    I look forward to it. Smiths, do you think???
  14. Geordie582

    A pdf pages 1-53

    Any forecast for publication yet, Chris? My money is burning a hole in my pocket!!
  15. Geordie582

    Right, I need a favour!

    Power to the people???
  16. I guess it must be a token of some sort. Seaby's "Coins of Scotland, Ireland and the Islands" shows all the Georges used 'Georgius' or 'Georgivs' and there were no harps on George I st's copper! (except as being played by Hibernia!!)
  17. The Concorde Coin is still being sold, in a presentation pack, by the Royal Mint for £9.95. Check out their website. Royal Mint..
  18. Geordie582

    A pdf pages 1-53

    You'll notice that the scales are not true size. I add this 'nummi or minimmi' as showing that to represent it true size would make reproduction difficult, at less than 10mm.
  19. Geordie582

    2005 Sovereigns

    Surely the point is that, no matter what they choose for the coin, it seems "to be Modern" is to lack the attention to detail an pure workmanship of the Wyon model. I keep saying, come back Marie Theresa dollar, all is forgiven!
  20. Geordie582

    A pdf pages 1-53

    The best example of scale I have come across is this oneScale Used Hope this helps!
  21. Geordie582

    Some really ridiculous eBay listings

    Another point to this advert. It says "Made out of silver and hand made..." By the seller perhaps???
  22. A focussed camera may improve the grade
  23. Geordie582

    Some really ridiculous eBay listings

    It's not the first, nor will it be the last, time a coin is offered at a ridiculously low price with enough postage to send it to the moon! What a scam.
  24. Geordie582


    I picked this up in the 1950's in a junk shop. I only saw the obverse to begin with and my heart just about stopped. It was in a saucer of foriegn rubbish. 6d each. Pitty about the reverse but it's probably as near as I'm going to get to the real thing. Anyone know anything about this series? Presumably petrol give-aways.