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  1. Bruce

    Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Medal

    Yes, white metal version is the most common version, followed by bronze, but cooperscoins have one silver selling, so cannot rule out yours. It's sometimes hard to 100% assure alloy from picture, may need to ping the sound or going through machine test to confirm it.
  2. Bruce

    Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Medal

    This is Heaton mint 38mm medal, check if there is a letter H at bottom of reverse side of medal. It's more often to see white metal version of this medal, so uncertain whether yours is a silver one.
  3. This month is quite quick for me from Semra, comparing with quarters ago, maybe they are a bit inconsistence about postage.
  4. Bruce

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Lucky that we can still have something to easily differentiate the fake at this moment.
  5. Bruce

    British Trade Dollars

    Yes, save some platform fees.
  6. Bruce

    1919 kn forgery

    Yes, too good to be true, and i always believe i won't be that lucky to buy a bargain piece like that.
  7. Bruce

    A comparison of two auction houses

    Richard is the main contact point for all email communications, while name of Guy is only seen on doing the bank transfer, according to the experience before.
  8. Bruce

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Surface of the coin is rough....but the most curious is the seller already sold 15pc, n have 8pc on sale. It's not often if not rare you can have so many same year Gothic Florin in collection.
  9. Bruce

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Yes, there will be much less trouble if all fakes are so obvious.
  10. Bruce

    2022 silver five pound mule

    Thanks for sharing.
  11. Bruce

    2022 silver five pound mule

    Would be appreciated if link or picture regarding the mule can be shared.
  12. Bruce

    2023 Royal Mint Unc. sets

    I also initially think the same like the wording "束" before, however it is a bit different after close look.
  13. I also use £80-100 as benchmark to bid through easylive. if i guess my winning lots exceed that sum, i will pay for the £3. Back to Coinery case, i remember there is no flat £3 option, and bidding through coinery website is less expensive than easylive portal. However, i am not sure about this now, coz i changed to bid through Coinery website since 2nd auction held by them because of the auction premium issue.
  14. Bruce

    Halfpenny ID check

    Interesting one, nice one found.
  15. Nice, so that you saved few percentage off👍.
  16. You bid through easylive, so that there's internet surcharge?
  17. Bruce

    "onc" tenth florins

    It is a very nice gothic florin, rare to see with such prooflike field.
  18. So quick to receive it, very nice 👍
  19. Me too, this is the only coronation coin acquired so far due to the same reason. I'm considering to add a bullion 2023 sovereign to mark the coronation year collection.
  20. Bruce

    Storage of proof coins

    I think about the same when i first use it years ago. The one I'm using is in form a small box filling with silica gel, and it is said can be stored with food together, that's why I give it a go. However, I'm not 100% sure it is problem free or not, so would much appreciate as well if someone can advise if it is safe to keep with coins.
  21. Bruce

    Storage of proof coins

    I also won't consider to slab my coins, unless it's going to put up for auction. I will keep it in capsule to try to protect it from scratch etc, and then in an air tight box with desiccant, coz humidity is too high in hong kong.
  22. i bookmarked it in my cell phone, tablet, PC for reference as well. Superb works.
  23. Bruce

    "onc" tenth florins

    Thank you David for the stat analysis. I didn't think about the reason behind, but i agree that it is not uncommon in various auctions. I didn't own any onc example so far and was offered by a local dealer before (forget which year it's), but did not buy due to price. Let me visit again later if it is still there.
  24. Thanks for sharing the info
  25. If it's a friend's request n have spare time, most people are willing to offer assistance. However, if it is for commercial purpose, no way for free of charge...business is business.