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  1. Bruce

    Little coins big prices

    Maybe sovereign? Although gold price is dropped over a year, but at a less extent than currency depreciation. In current era, i believe losing less n preserve buying power for the future maybe the winner, so even holding cash is not a bad idea, coz i have no wisdom to beat the market.
  2. Thank you Ian for the detailed explanation and demonstration of 185"7". I only had 2 examples on hand, both are Type D, 1 OT and 1 PT, per my record. But i am unable to turn on my old PC to double confirm with pictures on hand, as it's broken down in past weeks. For those unrecorded, it's interesting, and will check the market from now on. Thanks again for your study and info. Thank you for the additional info regarding Long 7, i am still looking to have a decent example of Long 7. The forum is always a good place to learn 👍.
  3. Missing her smile, missing her voice... respect her effort during the tough war when she was still a kid. Let's pray there won't be another war after end of that generation...RIP
  4. I bought 2 lots as well, n lost others. The successful lots were 4-5 steps below my max bid this time.
  5. yes, actually it will make us becoming more prudent in submitting bids indeed.
  6. I remember around 4 out of 5 n 6 out of 8 of my successful bids are my max bid at past 2 LCA auctions. It is either my bids are so accurate or...... By the way, i found they are listing at numisbid this time, which whether they did the same before.
  7. Very interesting if it is a reply mail😅. Sincerely hope they will finally answer your question promptly this time.
  8. Maybe this is the best opportunity to follow up your request by replying the message, n let's see if there is feedback this time. If continue to ignore, it means hopeless. Sometimes i found some dealers or auction houses are not reading email frequently at all or read it but choose not to reply.
  9. Yes, i mark the same in my worksheet when i received the coin n inserting remarks about lighthouse.
  10. Yes, i think so, it looks more like lighthouse of reverse H when i look at it on hand. However, for the sea on both sides, it is reverse J. I tried to take better picture but with no luck. Just 1 more close up, you may find the Britannia hand is missing.
  11. Just tried the convex lens few minutes ago, it's so hard to hold it stable to make the zoom correct. I have to admit i'm too poor in taking picture. For the 1881 Penny, it is a Reverse J in view of where the sea stop on both side. However, the lighthouse seems not as fat as it should be and position of the rock on right of the lighthouse as well....or am i wrong about the understanding of the lighthouse of the 1881 Penny.
  12. Sorry if this was discussed before. For the edge incused letters of 1953 5 Shillings, there is 2 types, obverse up and reverse up, may i know if any statistics about numbers of each type and its correlation with different reverses? Or is it too common n worthless to do so?
  13. Got it, i think it is almost 50:50 as well, so that it is not talked about in the past.
  14. Bruce

    Cabinet Friction

    Maybe it is only an auction house representation for slight worn coin? If they said it's worn, then potential buyer likely go away. If it is said cabinet friction, then people may think hm...it's ok, friction only, then likely placing bid. Then, auction house has their job done to sell it n grab the meaty commission.
  15. A real bargain for the large rose, great👍
  16. Murray finally claimed titles for 3 times in past 10 years, while England still nothing (personally think the best chance was gone in 2018). In 2012, England knocked out by penalties in round of 16, so Chris your prediction is not far away😉.
  17. Thanks both for the info.
  18. Just have a look at my 1858 penny received a while ago, is it look like a 1858/3?
  19. Bruce

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    Me too....
  20. Hi Jerry, i asked for pictures from them by email before, then no reply for a week or only some inconsistent quality pictures received, some good some average, which were unable to use to define variety etc. However, Bruce is kind when i talk with him over the phone. In May coin list, i found 1872 National Thanksgiving medal specification seems not Wyon's n he admitted mistake n apologize for it. Maybe they are just stick in old school style in doing business.
  21. Bruce

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    Yes agree, there are way too many varieties and i think I won't be able to get most varieties at the end, but with something to chase means I am still able to enjoy the hunting 😆. By the way, I am enjoying learning the knowledge from senior members here. Applause all for that👍.
  22. Bruce

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    Missed out a 1849 years ago, n didn't meet one since then. Also, don't have a deep pocket for 1860, so give up already😓😓. However, if counting all varieties, OT, PT, etc and quality, I'm still miles away😅.
  23. Bruce

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    Great, thanks in advance for your help
  24. Bruce

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    Yes, it's hard to find a nice 1845 penny, which is one of my missing puzzles in young head penny series. Nice acquisition 👍