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  1. The website is down since yesterday afternoon, so that unable to check hammered prices of lots
  2. Just received an invoice from LCA, again and again, i am so accurate in bidding at LCA😅😅. 6 out of 8 are with my max bid, 1 is only 1 step away. The remaining one which is a medal is few steps away. I think I should be more conservative (which already) in bidding next time.
  3. My result showing the same. If my bid didn't meet reserve, they are showing 1 bid n reserve not met. For the 1922 penny, the reserve maybe at 8k, 10k or 12k, only auctioneer know. I have placed bid for a medal lot with estimate at 30-35, but i remember the reserve was at 50 or 60.
  4. Thanks for the detailed stat research, big thumb up👍
  5. Bruce

    1969 coin prices

    Nice article, it let us have an insight of the past.
  6. Go through the catalogue yesterday, but a bit fuzzy about grading of some bun head pennies...they said UNC, but i think it is not only 1 grade below it🙄
  7. St James n Noonans (formerly DNW) for auctions in UK as well.
  8. Bruce

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Same question, am i missing anything?
  9. Prefer the bottom as well, especially the better strike on reverse
  10. Bruce

    Charles III portrait

    Seems likely a very popular one, in view 1902, 1911 coronation long sets are doing well after decades.
  11. No idea why, but this is their first time to delay so long for postage, usually they send out items within 2 weeks after auction. However, i prefer delay rather than damage, if i have option😅.
  12. Bruce

    Charles III portrait

    I like the 50p, and i think we have to queue at RM again next monday. Also, look forward to the 2023 annual coin set.
  13. Bruce

    Charles III portrait

    Maybe coins for circulation won't be launched till next year, however for commemorative coins, they will launch with new obverse as soon as possible to make money. Royal Mint launch new coins week by week before, they can't afford to suspend minting till next year. On the other hand, there were not so many commemorative coins decades ago comparing with now, so there is no such dilemma facing.
  14. It's from auction in jun, the items in sep were only despatched few days ago from LCA. I will send email to Semra again to see what she thinks. Thanks all for your comment n advice.
  15. I'm afraid the coin is impaired.
  16. Bruce

    Charles III portrait

    That's quicker than expect. Originally think KCIII portrait won't be available until 2023. Now, thinking whether the upcoming launch of 2023 Britannia will also with KCIII obverse.
  17. I would like to learn, in case if i discover the Scotch Tape proof coin earlier (due to capsule unable to screw) n have picture proof n the auction catalogue didn't mention it, is it possible to refuse acceptance of the auction items?
  18. After several emails in past week, they finally despatch my items today... I just encountered an unhappy experience with LCA. For somehow reason, i didn't open the items from Jun auction until the past week. I found the proof coin capsule is wrapped with Scotch tape. I asked Semra what's the reason behind since it's not mentioned in catalogue. She said it must be damaged during shipment. However, the outer packaging of the package was all good, and it's the capsule inside the Royal Mint case wrapped with tape, so I doubt it's made during the postage. Since the postage is already received few months ago, I think I can do nothing but to accept it.
  19. Bruce

    I'm sure that mark wasn't there before, syndrome

    Actually, i don't know there is a 10-year benchmark for bronze/copper coins. Me too, once you notice any impecfection, you will always look at it😅.
  20. Unfortunately, slab seems the trend at auctions nowadays, though most of us don't like it...😓
  21. Bruce

    Little coins big prices

    Maybe sovereign? Although gold price is dropped over a year, but at a less extent than currency depreciation. In current era, i believe losing less n preserve buying power for the future maybe the winner, so even holding cash is not a bad idea, coz i have no wisdom to beat the market.
  22. Thank you Ian for the detailed explanation and demonstration of 185"7". I only had 2 examples on hand, both are Type D, 1 OT and 1 PT, per my record. But i am unable to turn on my old PC to double confirm with pictures on hand, as it's broken down in past weeks. For those unrecorded, it's interesting, and will check the market from now on. Thanks again for your study and info. Thank you for the additional info regarding Long 7, i am still looking to have a decent example of Long 7. The forum is always a good place to learn 👍.
  23. Missing her smile, missing her voice... respect her effort during the tough war when she was still a kid. Let's pray there won't be another war after end of that generation...RIP