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  1. May I dip a tentative toe into the controversial autism waters? I think - and this is only a theory based on autistic characteristics - that 'completists', i.e. collectors of date runs and every known variety, are possibly more 'on the spectrum' than type collectors?

    Of course, the other connection between coins and IT is that if you get bored, you can always switch off, then switch back on again in the future. :lol:



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  2. 11 hours ago, Fubar said:


    When I started in computers this was the norm. Size of a foolscap sheet of paper. Can't remember how many bytes that was. something like 256 bits per patch and double sided. Didn't really have a programming language. Hex machine code did my head in.
    From that to PCs in a little over 10 years. From change a chip to chuck it away. 1980s mostly.

    A bit scary, the number of ex computer pros on here!

  3. 1 hour ago, richtips86 said:

    b) If this really is something that we have been doing, presumably you wouldn't find this in other countries' coinage? Have you reviewed other coins? If other countries did this then you may expect other national images - France, the cock; Australia - kangaroo? If you did find images in other coins, then perhaps it's another tick down the line of metallurgy with hot metal cooling / the physics of pressing a coin / pareidolia

    Don't confuse France with Trump Tower :lol:

  4. 2 hours ago, Paddy said:

    PL/1  with DB2 and IMS/Db to start with, then another another little known application development suite called Sapiens (RAD). Then much more into the Business Analyst side for Insurance companies - a lot in support of the sales process. Eventually all got too stressful and cost me my marriage so I got out of the rat race.

    EASYTRIEVE rings a bell somewhere but I cannot remember what it did or where I met it!

    Interesting - I designed a small Excel application for a friend's company's users which we called Sapiens! No connection with yours of course.

    EASYTRIEVE was essentially a stripped down version of COBOL. Its main advantage was the utter simplicity of File Definitions for input / output operations, but the syntax was also very easy too. There were no complex functions like you had with PL/1 but its use was in any case basic commercial stuff.

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  5. 6 hours ago, jelida said:

    Spink gives this at £150 in EF

    And bear in mind that Spink prices are the toppermost of the poppermost - what you'd expect an insurance company to pay out, or a top dealer to charge for a very nice example. You'd only pay OVER Spink for the very rarest coins, that haven't appeared on the market for years. Having said that, this is better than EF and very pretty.

  6. I love that Vaughan-Williams reinterpretation of Tallis (and the Tallis original). Warren Mitchell said he wanted that on his deathbed - I hope he got his wish. 

    There's a girl in the Sixteen who is the spitting image of someone who used to be in Coronation Street! Here's them doing Palestrina:



    While we are doing Steven Wilson, this is something I've always liked:


    (spookily, a seagull 'sang' as the track ended .. outside my window. :blink:

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  7. 9 minutes ago, DrLarry said:

    But she is a real Classicist....I just did an extra degree out of wildness and a love of ancient history and I am half Greek I discovered at the ripe old age of 20 LOL  I think I was somehow trying to get back to my roots and I love declensions..... 

    λυω  λυεις λυει  λυειμος λυειτε λυειν

    (I'm not guaranteeing that - it was a long long time ago!)

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  8. 1 minute ago, Sword said:

    I think it is a bit of a shame that Peck had to start a new account just to avoid getting the "Forum Legend" title. Perhaps the administrators can allow someone to choose his own title after reaching 10,000 posts? 

    I really appreciate reading Peck's posts over the years. Always well-informed and helpful.

    Thanks. :) To be fair to Chris he did look into this for me, and found that if the 'Legend' (or any other status) was changed for me it would change for everyone.

    I didn't want to be a 'Legend' when far more deserving members like VickySilver, Tom Goodheart, Dave Groom, 49 Threepence, Coinery etc aren't talkative mouthy people like me, and that's the only reason I'd be a Legend!! (It shouldn't be based on number of posts...)

  9. I think @bagerap was referring to the average kind of internet claptrap where people air their prejudices freely left right and centre. It's harder to do that in 'real life' where you have to look people in the eye, and you can hear their tone of voice and see their body language.

    No opinion is fully and completely informed, but a link to a reasonable website (and I will leap to the defence of Wikipedia here) to back up stated facts, never goes amiss.

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