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  1. 2 hours ago, Guest guest said:

    I have used cillit-bang on some of my modern milled coins just to enhance eye appeal. I found it great for removing grime and dirt also in restoring lustre to some of the coins, it does not destroy the coin in anyway and is a scratch free cleaner. Just give it a try on a sixties cupro-nical coin and see for yourself.

    I have never used it on pennies or farthings.

    Original lustre? That's not possible. It's not a coating after all. Once gone, you can't restore it.

  2. 9 minutes ago, Sleepy said:

    I thought coins used to be issued in paper mint rolls, or is that what the banks subsequently put them in?

    Something like this.


    Yes, that's a roll issued by banks for use by shops etc. RM 'mint bags' were for much larger sums, for example a £5 bag of pennies or halfpennies. The banks would split the mint bags into smaller quantities and roll them up or put into cash tills. 

    In the late 60s mint bags of common coins were issued 'for investment purposes' ... which failed dismally of course!

    (That eBay seller is incredibly optimistic if they think they'll get £8 apiece for 1983 £1 coins x 20.)

  3. Am I right in thinking he doesn't have to be Charles once king? I'm thinking of his grandad who was Albert ("Bertie") and only became George on accession. Shame really - King Albert would have been a fabulous name. One of Charles' names is Arthur, and wouldn't it be great if we had a King Arthur, albeit one who talks TO plants and OF monstrous carbuncles.

  4. 6 hours ago, Ukstu said:

    I wasn't implying anything by mentioning him. What i meant is it looks like one of his strikes or a coin he's made (Dave G - Grunal Moneta). 

    The ebay sellers the crook! (Whita natal)

    Ah - I understand now. (Your original wording was ambiguous!)

  5. 12 hours ago, Ukstu said:

    Looks like one of Dave G,s. His feedback says it all. Crooked as a dogs hind leg! 

    Careful. We have a very respected forum member who is "Dave G". Suggest you find another name for this one to avoid confusion?

  6. 11 hours ago, ozjohn said:

    With the introduction of Australian coins in 1910 the halfcrown  ceased to be issued  as halfcrowns were not included in the new issues although halfcrowns circulated into the early 1930s but these for the most part would have been the earlier ones. So in answer to your question 1928 etc. halfcrowns were never plentiful in Australia. As for availability of the 1929 halfcrown it was based entirely on my attempt to upgrade the one I had as it seemed difficult at the time to find a top grade example.

    Certainly in Britain the 1936 (as usual, following the Abdication) is the most common. 1928 and 1929 are plentiful too, being first two years of essentially the first new reverse since 1902. 1935 I would say next, though not very different from 1931 and 1933 also. 1932 is the third hardest, though quite a bit easier than 1934, and 1930 the hardest. (I'm talking high grades here - none are rare in low grades not even 1930.)

  7. 7 hours ago, Madness said:

    My reason for this post is to ask for help with the photo editing.  I've found a free alternative to Photoshop called "GIMP".  Is anyone familiar enough with this to help me work out how to use it?  Additionally, can anyone see any problems with the method I've proposed?

    The good news:

    The GIMP is a powerful open-source photo editor - not as powerful as Photoshop but it has a lot to offer.

    The bad news:

    It doesn't follow the more or less common standards that photo editors employ. It's a steep learning curve, though if you haven't done much or any graphics editing, you won't need to 'unlearn' existing standards first.



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  8. 35 minutes ago, Sword said:

    I am fine with the JH portrait and sometimes wonder why it was so unpopular compared to the OH. If it was about the crown being so small, then Victoria did wear a small crown. The YH is a really nice portrait and a hard act to follow. Do you think the OH would also have been unpopular if it immediately followed the YH?

    Yes it was the crown apparently. There is an early bronze pattern for the JH (in Peck) where she is wearing a heavy tiara, but she favoured the small crown which was lighter for a long sitting.

    I once did a Photoshop mock up to show how Boehme's portrait would have looked without a crown: