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  1. probably two different dies but from the same punch.
  2. We come back to that thorny old question: in a year when proof sets were issued, how do you distinguish a VIP proof? If different dies were used, then it's easy, but if not...
  3. Peckris 2

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    The 4K being the so-called '1968' obverse on 1967 halfpennies?
  4. Peckris 2

    English King Coin Discovery

    He did the s**tting in other words..
  5. does the Big Banana go down well with the Big Cheese?
  6. Peckris 2

    NEW 2023

    I remember when PROOF sets were a fraction of that.
  7. Peckris 2

    More Pennies

    Let's hope all is well with him.
  8. Agreed - I wouldn't either.
  9. Peckris 2

    More Pennies

    Is that 1949Threepence?
  10. Peckris 2

    It had to happen

    Casascius - wasn't he the Emperor of Wallet and Grimace?
  11. Generally you need to see it in hand to be sure. However, there are ways of telling a coin is unlikely to be a proof - if the teeth are not of uniform length, spacing, and evenness; if the rim is not of even width or the coin is even slightly off centre; if there is slight flattening to bits of the strike of what appears otherwise to be an uncirculated specimen .. then (for post-1816 coins or post-1797 for copper) I would cast doubts on its being a proof.
  12. yeah, HS2 is a big white elephant but as Andy Burnham says, if you're going to have it then have it go to the North not end at Birmingham.
  13. Peckris 2

    Facebook Coin Pages/Groups?

    There's a general predecimal group - can't remember the precise name but if you search "predecimal" you should find it. (I know Declan is a member.) Once you've joined you'll get a Notification for every new post so you can catch up. Mind you, I'm in Facebook every day so not a problem for me.
  14. Peckris 2

    Facebook Coin Pages/Groups?

    there is indeed - rather than the overall Facebook search, groups have their own search field (side rather than top) where you can restrict search to only the posts in that group. The only thing s - I don't know how far back it will go.
  15. Peckris 2

    Facebook Coin Pages/Groups?

    I've seen a couple of Facebook groups, but they seem to be relatively inexperienced collectors excited by very average stuff. Oh and convinced that the odd cud is a rare variety!
  16. Peckris 2

    1965 sixpence dies 1B (D of DEI to a gap)

    Even if your lot number was correct, it wouldn't be the same coin - I've had mine for many years! I bought it as an ordinary 64 6d and noticed the missing character.
  17. Peckris 2

    1965 sixpence dies 1B (D of DEI to a gap)

    I was thinking more of the I of GRATIA missing (die fill).
  18. Peckris 2

    1965 sixpence dies 1B (D of DEI to a gap)

    Do you have this 1964?
  19. Peckris 2

    Coin cabinets

    And get in touch with them before jokers like this proliferate: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/235178329607?hash=item36c1b88607
  20. Peckris 2

    Looking for a 1953 VIP proof farthing

    2+A is the rare one.
  21. the site doesn't load properly in Firefox as of today. deleting Local Storage (always my cure before now for the occasional FF problem) doesn't do anything. running it in Chromium seems to work ok.
  22. Peckris 2

    has there been a software change?

    I for one would be grateful if you didn't upgrade the software - I've not experienced any of the problems mentioned but I do use a very old version (the latest allowed for my OS ) of Firefox and I suspect that an upgrade may stop it working?
  23. Peckris 2

    The Bronze Coinage of Great Britain (2016)

    @Chris Perkins - can you answer the question about why there isn't a Kindle edition of the latest CCGB? Thx
  24. Peckris 2


    I'm not sure I'm with you here, not at all. Clearly climate emergency, zero covid, US/NATO/EU 'world order' are not 'leftward' in any way shape or form. You'll have to explain that. And if Pizza Hut did produce a pizza in the colours of Ukrainian flag, how is that woke? It sounds much more like a commercial way of jumping on the bandwagon to create more sales.