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  1. oldcopper

    Proof there is no god

    Yes, that's right, people who disagree with Trump lose their freedom. I can't personally think of an example of that. Anyway, are you saying he should have called in the National Guard to stop this rampage? - if so I'd agree with you on that one.
  2. Well, I hope it wasn't made for collectors! I can't do photos unfortunately but I bought both this and a Wm and Mary Tin halfpenny fake off ebay in 2007 for £40, which considering they had been sold for £140 hammer along with a poor genuine Wm and Mary tin 1/2 at Gregory II (Baldwins Auction 47; lot 353, Sept 2006), was a good bargain I thought, as these were the two interesting pieces. It is photographed in the Baldwins catalogue though, if you've got access to that. The Wm and Mary fake, also from false dies, is a much better effort, though still crude - the reverse only of this is shown. It's the only JII tin fake I've ever come across and very crude. The plug has been inserted after striking as can be seen from the large amount of solder around it. You can see one reversed N in the photograph of "NIA". I would think it's contemporary, considering its crudeness and thinness (no edge reading), and it had been in Baldwins basement for probably many decades. The Wm and Mary had an old ticket with it saying "from false dies".
  3. I've got a James II tin farthing forgery - so amateurish that that N's are back to front ie the die sinker forgot that the lettering reverses on the actual coin.
  4. oldcopper


  5. I wonder how far away the noise could be heard when Steve suggested putting his surname first...…..
  6. If that's the case the word that comes to mind is bargepole.
  7. Was he married before? - he's no spring chicken.
  8. oldcopper

    1945 3d Discovered

    B of St J were too coy to show it's real size in the catalogue. So I hope the buyer didn't get a shock when they found out it wasn't florin sized!
  9. The N/Z went for £1400 hammer (>£1800 all in). The recent Bamford/Spink one made £1200, so maybe that was a better deal. Hard to tell, as I didn't see the DNW one in the flesh.
  10. My pleasure - it's a very good example of that variety, as I'm sure you spotted. The bright 1861 F33 was originally mine as well, but went in via a dealer. One seller got a good price for that N/Z - nearly £2K all in. Still, a nice coin.
  11. I'm not a fan of commission bidding, as it's funny how many times I used to get the coin at my maximum (I'm not naming any specific auction house of course, let's just say one of the worst offenders must have thought I was a gullible pommy).
  12. Spink had a name for this in their Insider mag the other day - the attitude of: blow this - I'm going to treat myself! I can understand that.
  13. Yes, it was a joke. Weak I know! Perhaps I should have said, as there might be an ebay seller out there getting out the domestos as we speak......
  14. Yes, I hope vendors are taking reasonable precautions before sending coins out, like giving them a quick spray with bleach.
  15. The Ingrams may have many nice coins but to describe the following 1806 gilt penny as "AFDC, die flaw Obv sl marks" £275, is incredible. And that's putting it politely. I think this coin was sold by Spink for not much in the early 2000's as "with a severe gouge and associated scratching" or words to that effect. Which it obviously has. The bottom line is not reassuring words (which may be wonderfully written but cost nothing) but a good recommendation from established or experienced collectors for instance on this forum. Can any experienced forum person give such a recommendation?
  16. oldcopper

    1945 3d Discovered

    In terms of £/surface area, this must be the most expensive milled British non-gold coin.
  17. You should have said! - I've just put one into DNW - it's ex-Spink auction Sept 2016 and is a nice looking coin, though it has two scratches on the Queen's neck. I don't know whether it's got the divot or not, don't know whether it's observable on the photo. https://www.spink.com/lot/16006002396 Edit - I can't see it on the photo.
  18. oldcopper

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Flattened in some sort of mechanical press maybe? Spink sold an ex-Peck GII old-head "penny" once, ie a halfpenny which they said had been squeezed in a press. I couldn't see any distortion of the design in the photo. The seller gives no weight for the coin - conveniently missing from the description. If it was on a very heavy flan, now that would be more interesting.
  19. Yes, that's the one. Sorry I've been off the computer until now.
  20. Good one on the F76, grab these best known examples of rarities if money allows, otherwise you may regret it ever after. I still occasionally rue the day my computer cocked up as I was about to bid for I think the finest F7 with virtually full orange glow (not streaky as often seen) at the Spink Dec 2015 sale. At the time I thought I'd never see another one like that and of course I haven't since. It went for £1100 hammer which was written up in Coin News as a high price, but I think it was a snip for whoever got it.
  21. They're finally going now - nearly an hour down "due to streaming problems". I notice the 1847 penny of Hyram's lots went somewhat above estimate. Well I never.....
  22. oldcopper

    More Pennies

    It's in Freeman's book as well, but the photo is not good, you can hardly see the ship.
  23. oldcopper

    More Pennies

    Thanks, that's the one I was thinking of - great design!
  24. oldcopper

    More Pennies

    Sorry! it's not a dreadnought, it's got sails of course. I should have reminded myself. I think the dreadnought's on a later pattern penny.
  25. oldcopper

    More Pennies

    I recall one went for ~$15,000 at a Stacks and Bowers auction several years ago, about 2014. I wished I'd bid on the London Coins one from a few years before that which went for ~£1600 hammer. From memory. Were they making Dreadnoughts then? I think I read that's what the ship is somewhere. Maybe the same coin that MR sold in his list above.