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Zo Arms

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  1. Hi Rob. 

    I don't seem able to join the thread but I have 2 1938 farthings that you are welcome to. Both have remaining lustre. Not many, I know but every little helps. 


    1. Rob


      Hi Bob.

      How much? I will need them by Tuesday, so first class post. That might make them too expensive given the small number. She is ok with a cost to her of £1 each at a push, but it obviously costs something to get them to me. Thanks.



    2. Zo Arms

      Zo Arms

      Hi Rob. 

      I may surprise you here. 

      Send me your address. I'll pop them in the post tomorrow. (we have a Post office in our local Asda that works Sunday). First class, so you'll receive Tuesday. 

      Job done. 

      Poor show if I can't donate 2 farthings and a stamp, hey. 


    3. Zo Arms

      Zo Arms

      Hi Rob. 

      Don't forget to send me your address. 07398 494741.