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Zo Arms

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  1. Zo Arms

    1897 dot penny. Advice needed.

    That's the one. Thanks. What's your opinion of these dots all being man made holes to delay the travel of a die crack?
  2. Zo Arms

    1897 dot penny. Advice needed.

    I'm sorry. I'm that computer literate.😕 Would some other kind soul oblige please?
  3. Zo Arms

    1897 dot penny. Advice needed.

    Your 1897 high tide double dot serif. F148. And I've spotted that Ian (Alf) has an 1858 penny with a round dot and a die crack. I've entered 'dot penny' into the search bar and a host of coins appear, all with round dots and die cracks. So rather than the die crack forming the dot, isn't it possible that the dot was drilled in, to delay the die crack. And prolong the life of the die? Most die cracks appear around the legend, as do most dots?
  4. Zo Arms

    1897 dot penny. Advice needed.

    I think that, in conjunction with this thread, Terry's thread titled 1897 penny double dot serifs should be read. Two or more round dots following a die crack in the legend.
  5. Zo Arms

    1897 dot penny. Advice needed.

    Terrysoldpennies has an unlisted 1934 penny with a dot and a die crack. More pennies. Bottom of page 134. I must learn how to do links.
  6. A dot and a die crack
  7. Zo Arms

    1897 dot penny. Advice needed.

    More pennies thread. Top end of page 123.
  8. Zo Arms

    1897 dot penny. Advice needed.

    The idea came from a conversation around 40 yrs ago, with the guy that apprenticed me. How would you stop a crack from traveling in a pane of glass. Although not practical or easily achievable, a round hole in front of the crack would halt or delay it.. Do any of the other dot varieties have an adjacent die crack? The 1909 N dot, 1875 cannonball, 1946 dot dash?
  9. Sorry. You're right. Should have written it first. It's there now. Ready to be blown out of the water.
  10. Zo Arms

    1897 dot penny. Advice needed.

    Hi. Welcome back. This is a thought only, open to discussion or ridicule, viewed from a carpenters point of view. Here goes. Reverse B. Quite happily churning out pennies. It's getting on a bit and a small die crack appears. You need to prolong its life for a while because the new reverse C die isn't quite ready. To prevent the crack traveling further, you drill a small hole just in front of it. This will stall the cracks line of travel. Not prevent it. Just stall it. A perfectly round hole. Or dot. Fill the crack in as an added form of strength, clean it off and away you go again. A dot penny. Hole fills with grease and gunk and becomes the shadow of the dot. You can see it on some 97's in the right light. Can't feel it as raised, but you can make out where it is. After a while the die crack continues its travel. The dot hole deforms as a result and you're left with Jerry's penny. But you've achieved your aim. You've prolonged the life of the die. The new reverse C is now ready and production resumes as before. I'm sure that this theory is full of faults and assumptions but it's food for thought. Bob.
  11. I've had some thoughts on this dot puzzle for quite some time now. Rather than clog up this thread, I'll elaborate on a thread I started back in 2017 entitled: 1897 dot penny. Advice needed. In the beginners area.
  12. Zo Arms

    How can I sell 10Kg of old pennies?

    Thanks for the thought Mike. Offer made.
  13. Zo Arms

    UK Election

    That was on Mother Nature's 'to do' list. And in hand, as you wrote that post. She's having a bloody good go at it. That'll teach us. Not.
  14. Zo Arms

    1945 3d Discovered

    And far easier to find, if it gets dropped.😁
  15. It's yours Sir, if you'd care to message me. Bob.
  16. I think that the existing bronze population is diminishing daily. Going to melt. I've read a post from Rob, that he picks out the obvious ones, open 3's, 169's, etc. The rest are melted. Paddy advertised back in November, 43kg combined bronze, that , in the end went for melt. All the good stuff being put aside. As you know, I'll buy bulk via eBay, at slightly above melt price, hoping for something tasty. Generally to no avail. The rest go to melt. I'll not eBay them because I'll end up buying them back at some point, from an ebayer who's doing the same thing. However, on a positive note, all of the coins that I scrap are washers. Last year, a 275kg lot yielded a Gouby X. Recent lots, a Gouby X and a 164a. That's all. Even these were lower grade coins. Take the F98 I have listed at mo. Best I've found, but is it really of any interest. I doubt it. All the cream has been removed and is in the safe hands of collectors such as yourselves. I think that the available penny supply is reducing rapidly. 50 years of people sifting through coins and melting their rejects, to recoup their outlay, must have taken a huge toll on the remainder that the RM didn't recycle.
  17. Zo Arms

    1909 DOT Penny Variants

    On my last post, the first three were Gary's. The last is mine. Strange. I can see them all clearly on my phone. Here are my three offerings. Interestingly, on the first photo, there is a dot in the accepted position, next to the E. That's if the photos appear. Bob.
  18. Zo Arms

    1909 DOT Penny Variants

    Thought that this 1909 dot was close to specimen 3 but not so sure, now that I can see them both together. Specimen 4.........?
  19. I think you're right. An imitation. The central legend on mine has a stop after R. The real thing has a stop immediately before the R. A lead copy of a gold medal from 1645. The copyist must have had access to the real one at some point to know what he was replicating. Am I allowed to post the screenshot of the British museum medal? Bob.
  20. A recent purchase from eBay. 25mm X 21mm. In lead. Closest I can find via Google is a 'General Fairfax medal ' in gold, held at the British Museum. No sign of a suspension loop on this piece tho.
  21. Zo Arms

    Gun money

    Thanks. Pleasing to know that it's not a copy. Paid just over £20 for it, so a bargain I think.
  22. An excellent article here about Stewart, Hemmant and the Great fire of Brisbane. Well worth reading all of it. Intriguing last paragraph. ( Hope I've done the link correctly). Brisbane Burns: How the Great Fires of 1864 Shaped a City and its People - Sharyn Merkley - Google Books
  23. Zo Arms

    Gun money

    Picked this up on eBay just before Christmas. If it's the rare year and month, could it not be open to modern restrikes, etc. Does this one look right? It does feel fatter towards the centre.