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  1. Catalogue 168, The North Yorkshire Moors Collection of British Coins formed by Marvin Lessen Part 3. Anyone have one they no longer want? I didn't order one as I wasn't expecting to need it, but it'd be nice to have a physical copy. Also ... anyone know if DNW catalogues are a one off price each? Last time I paid £18 for one I got sent the subsequent catalogues for over 6 months and wasn't sure if that was normal, or they did so because I'd bought from them in the past and might be persuaded to do so again!
  2. TomGoodheart

    DNW Auction Catalogue 29 Jan 2020, Lessen Part 3

    Thank you. Message sent.
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    Late in the day, but isn't the right hand ticket one by Paul Dawson?
  4. TomGoodheart

    Books Section

    I've merged the Brexit comments with Azda's Brexit What's Happening thread so this one can be kept for books. You can find them here: http://www.predecimal.com/forum/topic/12991-so-brexitwhats-happening/ Cheers. *Waves at Dave and returns to listening to Rammstein*
  5. The site hasn't worked properly for me for ages, irrespective of which browser I use. I can't 'like' posts though I see others have, I can't upload pictures .. various other issues but I'm not on here often enough now to fret about it...
  6. Yes, it's only a very slim chance but .. I wondered if anyone here (dealers in particular) had encountered Shuttlewood 329 (SNC Vol CIX 2 April 2001 HS0329) in their travels? The reason I ask is I'm still trying to pin down the provenance for this: I suspect it might be the aforesaid coin which is described as "Shilling type 4.4. m.m. (R), bust 1. Sharp G1/2; N.2232; S.2843. Untidy strike on a squarish flan. VF for this. " However that particular shilling wasn't illustrated and there were no coin tickets with the Shuttlewood coins and no weights or die orientation given in the descriptions! The only basis for my suspicions are that this coin was originally listed in a dealer catalogue along with Shuttlewood 323, so the timing is right. Sadly I didn't buy it at the time and when I checked the dealer's assistant was unable to find purchase details for the coins in that list. The dealer I bought it from subsequently has since ceased trading. Not much to go on I admit and still inconclusive I know. In fact the the only conclusive thing would be to confirm that this coin isn't the Shuttlewood one by finding that somebody else has that one (or did own it at any time after April 2005, when I acquired the coin above!) Anyone?
  7. TomGoodheart

    Any clues?

    Ha! There you go Rob.
  8. TomGoodheart

    Any clues?

    I wish I knew how to post pictures .. it'd be much easier. [
  9. TomGoodheart

    Any clues?

    Danish 8 Skilling? Ot possibly not that exact demonimation, but similar .. https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces108569.html
  10. TomGoodheart

    Long Shot .. Shuttlewood 329 Shilling.

    Oh, I'm not too worried about tooling. It's very similar to Ashby 2206 and some of the later 'Briot' Brooker shillings such as 550-553, all of which have that odd beard and crude features. Sadly I can't find the facility to upload pics from my laptop any more, but Rob's Sun coin shows the same sort of 'pared down' artistry. I guess I'll just have too be content that it fits the 'crude' and 'square' criteria! 😀
  11. TomGoodheart

    The Dog Pit

    Woof woof.
  12. TomGoodheart

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Less a fake. More a copy. It's a modern replica of a Victorian coin. Comparisons with a genuine Victoria penny show numerous subtle differences that, with experience, are easy to spot.
  13. TomGoodheart

    The Value of Charity

    As a member, I'm inclined to agree. Larry has voiced his opinion and contributed some useful information about charities. But this thread is getting to be more about semantics and I'm not sure it's going anywhere. Please can we get back to discussing coins now?
  14. TomGoodheart

    Recent Hammered Acquisitions

    Without meaning to be rude Stevo, but why do you want to slab it? (You might have noticed that slabbing isn't that popular in the UK) Careful handling will preserve it fine without a slab (and you'll be able to insect it better). I keep my Charles I shillings in a tray in a cabinet so I can pick them up and look at them when I wish. Though a nice coin, it's not so valuable that it needs preservation. And if to sell, the cost of slabbing would have to be offset against the gain you'd make selling it raw. Just curious. T
  15. Yes. eBay Global Shipping Programme supposedly makes it easier for buyers to pay import duties upfront. Unfortunately they do not allow for the fact that there are no import duties on certain items (only VAT is payable on antique coins and none due on books) and so you can end up paying well over what is necessary without any way to recoup the costs. It used to be sellers could decide to join the programme but I understand it's now by default. But I simply won't buy such listings now. In the past where I've explained things to the seller some have been willing to arrange the shipping themselves at reduced cost, but it's a bit of a hassle for them really.
  16. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/import-and-export-application-for-repaymentremission-c285 I think this is the form I used. Basically I filled in a form and sent it off and eventually got some money back. Though not the PO Handling Fee.
  17. Personally, I've bought numerous times from abroad. Virtually all came via Royal Mail within the UK. The rules are that for "collectors pieces of numismatic interest" (Tarfif code 9705 00 00) VAT should be adjusted so you effectively pay 5%. However I've been charged the full 20% on occasions and though I've always got a refund eventually, you don't get compensated for the Royal Mail collection fee which is annoying where you shouldn't have been charged at all! Parcelforce, I only ever had one item come by them (from York Coins in the US) and don't remember being charged extra. Similarly, several other coins including ones I've bought from Stacks and Noble have just arrived and I've not been charged anything. It all seems very hit and miss really.
  18. TomGoodheart

    USB Microscope

    I think Amanda only speaks Russian. Anyway, she's been called away somewhere else I'm afraid. Spamistan perhaps.
  19. TomGoodheart

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Reported. And the others..
  20. TomGoodheart

    What rare coins to invest in.

    Yeah, there are fashions in coin collecting, just as with anything else. It's difficult to predict what will be desirable in 10 or 20 years time. In my own field of Chas I shillings, the interest in legend variants, differences in harp design, even collecting by mint mark appears to have reduced considerably from the days of Brooker, Osborne or Sharp (all of whom collected during the 1970s and a bit further) The current focus, as with many denominations/ reigns, is on quality over rarity. It's hard to imagine many large collections of many similar, but subtly different, coins being assembled now, both due to the cost and apparent collector interest. I imagine when my collection is finally sold most coins will go for rather more than I paid for them. But it's not going to be at a level where I could consider it to have been an investment. OK, admittedly I didn't start with that in mind. But I think the mind-set required for investment (buying what the market will want, not what you find pleasing) is quite different. Like others, I collect for pleasure. And hopefully other investments will cushion my retirement.
  21. TomGoodheart

    PCGS 84917969

    Version 1.0.0


    PCGS 84917969
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    I don't suppose you took photo of the coin in question did you? Be interesting to see how different it is from what was advertised and what indications are that it's fake.