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  1. 13 hours ago, Sword said:


    13 hours ago, Sword said:

    (Incidentally, I once saw a real leather briefcase at Debenhams with an original price of something like £150. Then it was reduced to "£5" after Christmas. I said to a sales assistant that surely the price cannot be correct but she said it was. I went ahead and brought it even though I didn't need the case.)

    Legally speaking, was it an open and shut case?

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  2. Hmmm...as far as I can see from the pictures, the A's have a thick righthand slope, whereas the misplaced on in the original query has a thick lefthand one, so either a blank edge was hit very hard by a coin with edge lettering, causing the reversal, or it was made by a different collar.

    On all the different edge types, is the righthand downstroke of an A always the thick one?

  3. 52 minutes ago, secret santa said:

    Blake, you don't appear to have left negative feedback yet ?

    Still trying to resolve...one coin sold officially via ebay, but there was no way to buy the lot via the ebay system, so this was done mainly direct,

    hence the silence from the seller. Whether they, as  'professional coin dealers' know what they have done is another matter....

    I do have some ideas to make them return my cash though....:-)

  4. Watch out for these people....not only have they ripped me off, but have continued with the listing after being warned about their use of pictures.


    Here is one of their pictures. 

    Notice the coin on the third row, second from the left- a clear F169.

    I bought the pile of 1909's..... 'as pictured', remember....and that coin wasn't there.....grrrr....


    No refund, just silence. Trading standards very interested, but what a waste of my time just to get my money back, and these twats

    are still suckering people in.....





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  5. 11 hours ago, Peckris 2 said:

    When the leading sceptical opinion involves oil companies paying certain scientists to deny the role of fossil fuels in climate change, then that's pretty much anybody's definition of a conspiracy.

    watch and learn

    Try changing  "oil" to "tobacco",     "fossil fuels" to "smoking",      and "climate change" to cancer"......

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  6. You choose to slightly misunderstand the vast majority of scientists, ( they don't understand or agree with each other 100%)

    and think that the opposite of your actions has to involve conspiracy theories....

    This doesn't make sense.


    Not all change is caused by Man!!!!

    That's where the problem lies- this mistake generated the idiocy of thinking it's easy to reverse global warming, going around telling everyone what to do.

    There are positive feedback loops involved that we don't yet understand.

    There are negative feedback loops involved that we don't yet understand.

    The natural forces involved are beyond our comprehension.

    We are a passenger in, not the driver of, this runaway vehicle.

    Sure, we've had a play with the steering wheel, and we are increasingly being asked to do so,  but we have no control over the brakes....







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  7. Hmm....read again.

    We have affected the climate, and changed it. This is obvious.


    What is ridiculous and arrogant is to assert that ALL climate change is down to us.

    Forces far greater than we can really imagine have been fighting each other for millions of years,

    the result being a constantly shifting climate.


    All we have done is added a warming bias to this, but who knows what the climate would have done anyway?

    Was it about to go into a warmer period, which we have now exaggerated, or was it about to enter a cooler period, which we have stopped?



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  8. On 7/19/2022 at 10:15 PM, jelida said:

    Ah, but global warming affects the winter too! But you just can’t predict which way we will be affected- if the Gulf Stream changes course we could actually be colder.  I think we have to be resigned to climate change whatever,  and our kids more so. What the planet needs is a good plague, when in fact we all seem to want to live forever.


    I think you're right- the gulf stream may well move or stop- compare the climate of the Isle of Lewis to Churchill, Canada.....same latitude.....

    that's what we will lose....

  9. On 7/20/2022 at 1:48 PM, 1949threepence said:

    That's actually a very very fair question. 

    Besides coins, another one of my interests is the weather and the number/location of weather recording stations does seem slightly biased to this observer. 

    Many decades ago (and over a century ago in fact), one of the recording stations which time and again came up with top readings, was Raunds in Northamptonshire. There is still a legit weather station there, and it still registers interesting readings (see link), but you NEVER ever hear that name mentioned for readings or records. Raunds is a perfectly reasonable semi rural  South Midlands weather station, typical of many which day in and day out do a great job. But not a single word do you ever hear of them. I mentioned Raunds as it has been famous in the past. But there are others scattered over that area and the Home Counties, such as Rugby, Milton Keynes, High Wycombe, Banbury, Meriden, Buckingham and Oxford - all of which are locations which can reasonably said to represent England as a whole, and are in non biased locations. But again, you never hear mention of them (occasionally Cambridge crops up, such as for the previous record high in 2019)

    There are also numerous officially recognised recording stations in the North of England, which again you rarely hear about. Although with that said, we did hear of one on Monday night - Emley Moor, which recorded the highest ever minimum temperature of 25.9. That was surprising given the Northerly location. It's quite high ground as well, and that may have caused a bias. The old ITV tv transmitter at Emley Moor was brought down in March 1969 by a thick coating of rime (layer of ice caused by persistent freezing fog), which caused its weight to increase massively on the side facing East.

    But back to your original point, yes, I think there might well be a logical case for excluding airports, especially Heathrow and Gatwick as their readings could well be biased upwards given their urban locations and concrete bases. All weather stations use Stevenson screen thermometers, but what they're sited on, and their proximity to other influences, may well make a difference.

    There was bias in the old days as well. Many earlier records were set in Camden Square, London, which was an urban location later considered too biased to be meaningful. Yet they use Heathrow? link to Camden Square info        

    Photo of Camden Square as it was when used as a weather station:-






    camden Square.jpg

    I was monitoring my local Weatherunderground stations here in Milton keynes, and they all read 42˚ plus, but where not

    listed as the record, so they must be inaccurate, but if they are, then why do they post results?