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  1. Field walker's 'Pontefract' ( made of liquorice) is also moving.

    I can see the rare 50p's and pound coins being discussed in many pubs,

    so people blindly bid on crap, but this??

    " 'Ere Dave- you sold your motor?"

    "Yeah, I decided to move into Royalist Siege Money, wot the blokes in the gym was going' on abaat"


    Can't see it, myself.....

  2. A subtle but excellent distinction!

    i was in a pub, last year I think, and all the beer was unfamiliar to me.

    The barman asked what I liked in a beer, and chose me one, and described it perfectly.

    I told him that I'd bought many pints in my life, but I'd never been sold one before......!

  3. I mulled over the name 'coinbuyer555' for a while then mentioned him my wife....click...

    Some time ago he Neg Feedbacked her on Ebay over a clearly photographed coin that she was selling for me.

    The usual clearout. The fault on the coin he moaned about was clearly visible in the picture.

    He moaned, we raised our eyebrows, she offered him a refund three times- no reply,

    just a negative feedback. She was very upset and we blocked him.

    It was like he thought hope altered reality, and what he could see didn't really exist.

    We thought at the time that he was just one of those people who like to 'wield power',

    and be spiteful when given half a chance.

    I've got to the top of my business, and my advice to trainees is this:


    To raise yourself above others around you, you can go round knocking them down one at a time,

    a very laborious process, and you don't look good at the end or made any friends you may well need in the future,


    you stand on a chair.


    I chose the latter. You just keep your head down and work hard, and never stop learning, and keep all colleagues

    and rivals on-side and friendly. That works.


    Basically, if you want to be Somebody, go and become just that.    Slowly.

    Pretending you are Somebody from the beginning and thinking you are some sort of God never ever works in the long term.



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  4. Hello there

    I have about 20-30 kg of the sort of stuff that was in your pocket in the 1960's.

    No, not that, I mean bronze coinage.

    I have been an avid Victorian variety finder for years, and have a nice 20th Century folder, but all these new 20th Century micro varieties 

    are a bit of a grey area. The tub of coins is at my blacksmiths- he wants to make something artistic with them.

    Before he does this, would anyone out there want to trawl the lot for any of the new varieties that have come to light over the last few years?

    I know the pile has no obvious useful value coins in it, but as regards new varieties, it is totally unsearched.

    ( I wish my spelchek didn't keep putting 'unstarched'...)

    Now I know that the word 'unsearched' on fleabay is often cause for hilarity, but in this case it's true...

    I'm near Milton Keynes.




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  5. When I need to photograph a coin, the lighting needs to be exactly as Brandon said.

    ( he's put it all rather better and clearer than I could!)

    However, if you have to photograph a coin, but only have a small cheap camera, like I use,

    try holding a magnifying glass in front of the lens and see if that works......it can make a big difference-

    you can get the camera back to a distance it can focus at..