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  1. I chickened out maybe 8 years ago- one in a nice VF went on Ebay for £450....I'm still annoyed.

    Mind you, the winning bidder could have left £1000 on it, so who knows......

    (Even a rough one would be enough to fill that gap...)

  2. If anyone has a spare one, I'd love one.

    I've virtually given up finding one by the usual routes.

    Anything considered- still needing the last of the main 1874 types after all these years is driving me mad.

    I have some spare 1874H F69's if some one wants one..

  3. Ok- you buy a coin you like.

    When you want to look at it, you look at it.

    It may be worth more than you paid for it, maybe not.

    Maybe you just like having it.

    Sometimes, of course, the finding was more fun than the owning.....

    Maybe you'll sell it one day.

    The new owner can see it, and decide what to pay for it.

    Like you did.......




    Now, will anyone please tell me why you want someone else to look at it for a ridiculous fee?

    And charge you to look at a picture of it on line????????

    Emperor's new clothes.  A ridiculous system preying on people's insecurities.

     I will NEVER have something slabbed.    Ever.

    If the system was PERFECT, it would still be pointless.....



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  4. That makes sense, except original mintage figures are for coins minted that year,

    not dated with that year, surely, so they smudge into the dates either side- hence my point.

    Thus the pool of coins in circulation never reflected the original mintage figures exactly.

    I can see how the selective removal or collecting of nice or rare examples has influenced things,

    much more than the chance finds stuck in an old piece of furniture, for example,

    but often, like me seeing way more 1875h in F condition than the equivalent 1875 F79....?


    I agree with the 1874h F76- in fact Michael upped it to R9.


  5. Is it just me, but are the standard accepted rarity ratings sometimes surprising?

    I feel the 1860 F17 is more common than  Gouby R6,

    the 1867 F53 is way more rare than N3,

    the 1874H F76 is more common than R8 ( Michael used to say R7, but uprated it )

    the 1875 F79 is way rarer than R5,

    and the 1875H is more common than R5.

    What do you guys think?




  6. On 25/01/2018 at 0:44 PM, Unwilling Numismatist said:

    It certainly looks "ok" (I wouldn't peronally want it though) - I've been looking at 1887 crowns for months aiming for the right one (bidding for a bragain of good quality), and the think I'd say most about these is that if you can see both sides of the chest straps you're probably as close to mint as you can get - in this one only 1 side is visible.

    In a world where everyone has a camera on their phones, I find it impossible people are unable to photograph coins for ebay without getting them blurry (or take that as they're blurry because the item for sale is crap).


    As for some clarity on what isn't a good one ...



    This is so bad I laughed!

    Ohhhh....chest straps on St.George!!!!!

    And there was me thinking you meant Victoria.....

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  7. Field walker's 'Pontefract' ( made of liquorice) is also moving.

    I can see the rare 50p's and pound coins being discussed in many pubs,

    so people blindly bid on crap, but this??

    " 'Ere Dave- you sold your motor?"

    "Yeah, I decided to move into Royalist Siege Money, wot the blokes in the gym was going' on abaat"


    Can't see it, myself.....

  8. A subtle but excellent distinction!

    i was in a pub, last year I think, and all the beer was unfamiliar to me.

    The barman asked what I liked in a beer, and chose me one, and described it perfectly.

    I told him that I'd bought many pints in my life, but I'd never been sold one before......!