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  1. On 18/01/2017 at 11:37 AM, Green said:

    1912 H Penny

    Is this coin really worth the money or is the seller chancing it? Given the seller's feedback it might well be a special coin but I am not too sure. 

    Just spotted this post.

    You know, I'm sure that it was a 1912H that Tony Crocker put on Ebay years ago that I was watching, and it went for a ridiculous amount.

    I was chatting with him on the phone, and asked him why it went for such an amount, and he said that the buyer said the nose was

    "different"....we both couldn't see it.....

  2. On 04/02/2015 at 2:38 PM, jacinbox said:

    Agree with Nick

    If your coin is uncirculated (full mint shine and clear details without any scratches or blemishes) then it maybe worth upto £ 35. For worn coins the price offered could be less than £ 1.

    However there are some 1912 variants that are scarce

    The 1912 H penny in uncirculated can be worth £ 130.

    The 1912 2 on 1 can be worth a lot more.

    A photo could help

    2 over 1? 

    What book is this listed in?

    My 20th century lists need updating!

  3. Greetings...I'm on a MacBookAir, and want to add a link in the text to a page on ebay, so you can click on it and bingo.

    How do I do that? I've tried everything, but I'm not a computer guy so a reply saying that I should 'format' it, or some such,

    means nothing to me....I'm used to just dragging and dropping, and that's that.

    I got round the .49Mb picture limit by always emailing the pictures to myself, with the file size on medium.....



  4. 19 hours ago, Coinery said:


    If someone turned up at the stock exchange and chucked £50 on a wild card, knowing nothing about stocks and shares, we’d most definitely call him a fool!



           I resemble that remark!!

  5. I'll put up some more- my friend died at 97 and I'm helping her family have a sort out.

    If any are wanted, I'll take offers- say, one week and then I'll see who's offered what...I'm a penny man, so silver values are an unknown.

    Shall I do a running count? I'm not getting a penny of this- I'll ask for payment into her daughter's account,

    if that's all right. Any suggestions?

    I have more to put up if it all goes well..


  6. I've been wondering about this one....

    It was the second finest in the CGS Population Report,

    and it was noted that no examples were in the Alderley or Norweb collections.

    I think it's a Type 5, but I'm not sure.....

    It was tricky to get the pictures in focus enough to see the finer detail.

    Will the edge knocks detract from its value?

    I don't know any more than that- I'm not expecting The Spanish Inquisition....



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