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  1. Here're a few of my recent finds- all dirt cheap, and more pacing up and down.

    I don't have pics to hand of my 1862 halfpenny in Fine- I bought a tin of halfpennies and farthings, under two quid, and had

    to hand that coin to my wife, with palsied hand, to tell me what she could see through the magnifying glass

    next to the lighthouse---"Oh, it's a little 'B' " she said, thus confirming that I wasn't seeing things......

    That paid for a chunk of our holiday.....


    First up, 1870 dot. Left loads on it, no-one saw it properly, £20 ish.



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  2. 2 hours ago, Peckris said:

    1926ME penny obv rev.jpg

    Given to me as a schoolboy in 1968 - in change, from a bus conductor! I'd only just started collecting, and I didn't have any 1926. It was many months before I realised (oh happy day) that it was an ME. :) 


    Blakey - one very similar to yours (but with an attractive green patina) went for over £300 at Warwick & Warwick, back in 2001.

    Oh wow- you must have gone mad, and everyone would have tried to understand why you were acting like a spaniel!!!

  3. 7 hours ago, jelida said:

    To my mind, and it is difficult to be sure from photos, it is a nicer looking coin than the one that just sold on LCA for about 2k with juice. I will post pics in due course. My winning bid was a fraction of my actual bid. As anticipated the vendor had several bin offers, I had warned him he would get them, can’t abide that, I would rather have a chance to win fair and square. The 1879 small date that briefly appeared yesterday may have been pulled for this reason, sadly.

    There have been some interesting pennies on the bay over the last couple of months, I have a backlog to photo thanks to the domestic situation (move and renovation) but will get snapping soon.

    From a wet Japan,


    Ah yes- as I thought....just because you are a close auction loser doesn't mean you ever had a chance- you don't know what the winner left as their bid....good job I wasn't tempted more- all I would have done is cost you money Jerry!!!



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  4. 5 minutes ago, mrbadexample said:

    Just out of interest, why? :huh: 

    I knew from his other listings that he wasn't selling stuff he thought to be amazing,

    and would be stunned by how this one lot went. I've been there- I had a whole pile of old audio gear

    on Ebay a few years ago, and one valve amp went mad-it was, unknown to me slightly different to the common ones.

    I had one guy contact me and advise me what was happening,

    and his advice was so useful- I had so many comedy offers to Buy It Now ( just like the penny seller had! )

    and I was advised to let it run, and an amp that i thought would be £150 went for over a grand, thanks to him....

  5. I narrowly missed out- I spat my coffee out when I first saw it.

    When it was up over £100 within a day I contacted the seller and advised him to remain calm-

    we had a good chat over the next few days and he said he was hoping for £5-6, and was quite stunned.

    I expected it to do over £1000- who knows what the winning bidder had as their maximum....


  6. On 18/01/2017 at 11:37 AM, Green said:

    1912 H Penny

    Is this coin really worth the money or is the seller chancing it? Given the seller's feedback it might well be a special coin but I am not too sure. 

    Just spotted this post.

    You know, I'm sure that it was a 1912H that Tony Crocker put on Ebay years ago that I was watching, and it went for a ridiculous amount.

    I was chatting with him on the phone, and asked him why it went for such an amount, and he said that the buyer said the nose was

    "different"....we both couldn't see it.....

  7. On 04/02/2015 at 2:38 PM, jacinbox said:

    Agree with Nick

    If your coin is uncirculated (full mint shine and clear details without any scratches or blemishes) then it maybe worth upto £ 35. For worn coins the price offered could be less than £ 1.

    However there are some 1912 variants that are scarce

    The 1912 H penny in uncirculated can be worth £ 130.

    The 1912 2 on 1 can be worth a lot more.

    A photo could help

    2 over 1? 

    What book is this listed in?

    My 20th century lists need updating!