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  1. No, it's my sister after a big night out.



    Or,  the most surreal identity parade ever....  :

    " and can you ask number two to put a hat on and wear glasses, Officer, it was dark, and I'm just not that sure...."



    You know, I put up my original post,  'cos I couldn't resist, and there was a risk that I would be flamed,

    but no,  the .....well.....   I'll call you 'usual suspects',    who I have noticed actually have a sense of humour,

    (in my short time on this forum) ,     have not let me down.

    Cheers guys.

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  2. Several years ago Tony Crocker put a 1912H, if memory serves, on Fleabay and it went for a ridiculous amount- many hundreds.

    i could not see why, for the life of me, so I phoned him. He was flabbergasted too, and had asked the winning bidder why the bidding had gone so high.

    Apparently the guy told him that George 5's nose was different..........

    Maybe the details of this have faded a bit, but I definitely remember staring at the Ebay picture in 'Completed Items'

    to see if I could see the difference in the nose, but I'm still in the dark.

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  3. On 21/07/2018 at 9:12 AM, Madness said:

    Thanks Paddy!  If you have a nice spare I'd be very happy to buy it from you for a reasonable price.  Will need to save, though.  I have a monthly hobby budget of $100 AUD, which is about 55 GBP and have just spent the last of my hobby savings on a couple of numismatic books. 

    Excellent decision!  More research, the better.

    Welcome to the menagerie, and go and change your armour!!

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  4. Hmm...if the steel core of the coins is  'soft' magnetic material, like mild steel,

    the the induced magnetism will indeed slowly reduce.

    To create the effect, you would need a powerful magnetic field that doesn't change polarity.

    Indeed, how to de-magnetise something is to use a coil powered off ac mains which reverses 100 times a second,

    and slowly draw it away. ( Remember the 'wand' that the old tv engineer used when your tube tv screen went funny colours?)

    Magnetising ( or what magnet manufacturers call 'charging' or 'energising') can indeed be achieved using a single 

    high-level pulse of DC current, like what a capacitive discharge will produce, or, in this case, a lightning 'strike'.

    I put 'strike' in parentheses, since the big high current ( million + amps) discharge goes UP.

    The high voltage 'leader' comes slowly down, finding a path, ionising a channel of air, and the ground discharges to the cloud.

    Persistence of vision makes us see this as a downward 'stroke'.

    Lightening rods etc spray electrons up to the cloud, discharging the cloud, and can actually make a big upward discharge more unlikely.


    I'm selling my magnet collection. Special Offer:

    Buy a North pole, and get a South pole free!!!


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  5. On 12/05/2018 at 10:54 AM, Rob said:

    I know marketing is a tough game, but the following phrase 'Spink 2017 values at £375 in UNC condition no value given for Choice UNC-BU' is drivel. Spink don't list a value for choice unc-BU because there is no column with said description against which to post a value, and in any case, one man's choice BU is another man's ok or even a dog.

    The world expends and wastes vast amounts of energy trying to polish turds. Cut it out and you could reduce global warming.

    Don't forget they also roll the turds in glitter......:)

  6. Ah yes- so difficult to recall favourites- (such a strange concept there...)

    Early Joni Mitchell!!!!!

    I bought Rubycon on cd last year.

    Orb- I played "Towers of Dub" to a friend of mine who loves Reggae- he'd never heard it 

    and couldn't believe what he was hearing.....everyone should have Victor Lewis-Smith and a dog on their album...

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