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  1. And there's me just about to open a new account!!

    I've recently upgraded Sierra, and all that's changed is that Safari and Firefox both won't go to London Coins.

    All other things I go to work fine.....bamboozling.....

    What is it about there site that these two search engines don't like?

    The customer service?

  2. Cheers Kev. I couldn't believe it- I was doing the usual...you know....you know that if you did some standard searches once a day 

    you'd catch stuff, but then you're too busy or can't be arsed and suddenly you get the OCD urge to REALLY look, so you get involved in a two-hour trawl...

    It was 2 in the morning, I'd finished the malt,....     "just one more look".... and this guy had about fifteen 1908's in a row, all similar condition to this one,

    so I thought   " this lot, then stop".......it was the last bloody one.....I was so tired I had to look again and again.......

    ( I told my friend that we all thought he was OCD, and he said       " you mean CDO, surely, ........alphabetical order......" ) :)

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  3. Hi Kev  are you referring to Freeman v. Gouby where they used two different scales?

    Freeman has the F76 as R17  and Gouby had it at R8 but upped it to R9 on his scale a few years ago, if I remember correctly...


    "Freeman v. Gouby"  in a bout between two genuine heavyweights....

  4. I worked for a while in the ceramics industry for a while in the '70's and did a few piecework jobs one week when lots of people

    in the factory were off sick with the 'flu.   I worked at reasonable rate and was amazed at the end of the week how much my wage packet 

    had increased. I was then taken to one side by my boss and told not to do that again. There had been a union meeting called about me, apparently,

    complaining that I had ruined things for everyone.....


    Thatcher had two main failings- she believed that everyone above a certain intelligence level had a sense of humour,

    and therefore that she did, and went on that terrible Yes Prime minister programme/ special script reading, 

    which proved she had no idea about comedy whatsoever. This delusional sense of her talents led to the other failing- staying on for far too long.


    I wish John Major was running things now- everyone in the EU knew that in him we had quite the best quiet negotiator in Europe.....

    Mind you, he was so dull compared to the others that we all had to believe, because of Spitting Image, that he wore his underpants outside his trousers......

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  5. 5 minutes ago, Peckris 2 said:

    In addition to what @Rob said, the pennies I'm talking about look exactly as if bits of metal are stuck in them like chips in a biscuit. Not streakiness, but discrete little gold-coloured flecks (probably brass) that are embedded into the content of the penny, not simply on the surface like streaky lustre.

    Exactly- it's not a surface thing.

    If the strips from ( presumably) Heaton or Kings Norton were streaky, why were they not rejected instantly by the Mint?

    Did they relax QC because of the War Effort? I have several examples of pennies that look like the molten mix just wasn't stirred...


  6. No, it's my sister after a big night out.



    Or,  the most surreal identity parade ever....  :

    " and can you ask number two to put a hat on and wear glasses, Officer, it was dark, and I'm just not that sure...."



    You know, I put up my original post,  'cos I couldn't resist, and there was a risk that I would be flamed,

    but no,  the .....well.....   I'll call you 'usual suspects',    who I have noticed actually have a sense of humour,

    (in my short time on this forum) ,     have not let me down.

    Cheers guys.

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