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  1. 14 hours ago, DaveG38 said:

    Clearly, the A is for the original die sinker Algernon, but he died, so Archibald took over. He thought he was better and didn't fancy his work being associated with that scoundrel Algernon, so he put the die letter to the other side of the lighthouse. Then along came Augustine who put his A anywhere he felt like, and didn't care what size it was. Sounds logical to me. Simples!!

    Incidentally,  Algernon's wife was the first to get that nasty hospital bug, so they named it 'Mrs.A' after her....

  2. Thick men tipping crap into trucks were called 'Binmen'.  Then they became 'refuse operatives' or some such.

    Failing education departments re-labelled  year 5, 6 or whatever as 'Key Stage' something or other to make it sound like they had a clue what they were doing.

    The plastic sheet on your car seat when it comes back from a garage isn't to keep the seat clean- it's to make you think that the engine job they did is somehow 'better'.

    All this is commonplace and _we_ have allowed it to develop.

    When a village pub closes, people are up in arms, but when questioned, admit they hadn't had a drink in there for years....

    You have to actually DO something to stop/change things.

    It can't be changed by talking on forums, but at the ballot box...if anyone is worth voting for....



    Hope        doesn't      change       reality.



    I invented 'Woke' years ago- I failed to get it into the Meaning of Liff because I missed the deadline.

    To 'Woke' ( present participle 'Woking' ) is to wander round the house trying to find that half- finished cup of coffee or tea that you put down

    absent-mindedly, and is going cold somewhere.


    I watched the Trump election success while in Las Vegas, in the Sports Bar at Caesar's Palace. What a bizarre night.

    The next evening, in a restaurant, a local came over on hearing my accent, and said how he was embarrassed at what I would now think of America and Americans.

    I replied that every country gets the government it deserves, and he ambled off quite contentedly.

  3. Hmmmm..trying to remember- yes- there is the 1880 with missing waves on the right,

    another 1880 with a fragment of the '0' above the top of the '0',

    an 1861 with a loop of a small '8' under the '8'

    I think you've seen them before over the past 4 years....

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  4. Don't get me started, Mike- even though your talent for doing so is impressive!!!!

    You are so so right.  Madness.  Same same same in my world of vintage Pro Audio.


    Does anyone get pleasure from such coins?

    All the sane people on this forum know what I mean- such coins don't HAVE to be graded highly 

    by someone else for a fee...


    I have an acquaintance who collects expensive whisky.

    He has a mouth-watering collection.

    He has no idea what any of them taste like.


    Nuff said.

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  5. Ah. just realised...this is is referring to the Parthians, who used the Palintonos, or 'bent backwards' composite bow,

    that can be used when retreating, hence 'Parthian shot", corrupted down to "Parting shot"...

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  6. On 5/5/2023 at 3:00 PM, pokal02 said:

    The great coronation rip-off in full swing.. some joker wants £20,000 for the Charles 2022 50p (it's not even a proof!), and someone else £17,000-.. makes Coincraft look cheap!

    Yeah...sorry 'bout that....

    My wine merchant was hassling me for my overdue account,  the boat engines both need an overhaul,

    and I need to build a new submarine.



    Too soon?

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