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  1. What slow cold start after a cold shock- clematis almost non- existent, caesalpinia gilliesii may be about to shoot, but may be dead,

    and in the greenhouse the turmeric is stubbornly refusing to throw up shoots. 

    Only one overwintering echium survived this year, but a whole crop of seedlings popped up

    in the compost when I re-potted the Confederate Rose, which I hope chooses this year to start flowering,

    but things better warm up for that to happen......


    I had to type 'echium' so many times until i managed to stop this site from typing 'schism'....

    .....having schisms popping up in the garden would really be surreal.....:-)


  2. On 7/21/2021 at 8:33 PM, copper123 said:

    On the subject of gardens again one of my faves is powys castle in mid wales the yews are a particular wonder  it pretty good in august- september, esp when the dahlias are out Bidulph grange staffs  also has a lovely display of dalias come sept

    Finally did that castle- superb gardens, especially if you are into trees...

  3. That's a tricky one - where do you draw the line as regards varieties?

    I have some pennies that are not listed as 'varieties' yet, but more may exist, but for the moment, there are but one example.

    Are these  'desirable' rare coins? Not yet, they're not.

    I found a 1862 'B' halfpenny in a tin of crap coins a few years ago. That was rare and fun!

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  4. I haven't had my garden take such a winter hammering for years.

    There was a 4 day period in mid-December where it stayed below zero by day, but by night was -5, -6 and -8....

    1 dahlia left, 1 tiny canna shoot left, in very well sheltered large covered tubs, that have been there for 20 years.

    I have a cordyline australis that is now mush.

    I have just put out my tropical stuff, the latest in the year I have done that for 15 years.

  5. 10 hours ago, 1949threepence said:

    GEF 1874 F67. Another example of a very difficult to obtain variety, which, at R12, shouldn't be too onerous to locate, but is, in fact, very difficult in higher grade. I actually won this at the Spink Auction of 22nd September 2015 (lot 565), but don't think I've shown it before. 

    The dark patch on Britannia's legs is curious as it hardly shows at all in hand, but the photo brings it out. 

    Incidentally, with regard to the 1874 varieties, I still believe that with the obvious exceptions of F69 & F76, the F77 & F78 still remain the most difficult to obtain in high grade, as evidenced by their extreme scarcity of appearance over the years.



    H67 reverse cropped.jpg

    H67 obverse cropped.jpg

    Agree absolutely.

    My F67 is NEF, an accidental find in a cheap tin of stuff.

    My F77 is NVF, and my F78 is NEF, both cheap, not noticed, on Ebay.

    I've yet to see any advances on those three on Ebay, and I've been looking for 10 years....

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  6. After exhaustive research, I have decided it's time for me to pass on my knowledge of how to make sense of Ebay listings.

    (Apologies if this has already been done.)


    "Some luster" (sic)                                                                    Polished flat.

    "Collectable condition"                                                                 Flat

    "Unsorted"                                                                                   Sorted

    "Unsearched"                                                                                 All valuable coins spotted and removed

    "Mint error"                                                                                     Hit with hammer

    "Rare"                                                                                               Common

    "Very rare"                                                                                       Very common

    "Great patina"                                                                                 Dug up

    "Proof"                                                                                                Worn

    "Wonderful natural toning"                                                          Terrible artificial toning


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