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  1. Don't get me started, Mike- even though your talent for doing so is impressive!!!!

    You are so so right.  Madness.  Same same same in my world of vintage Pro Audio.


    Does anyone get pleasure from such coins?

    All the sane people on this forum know what I mean- such coins don't HAVE to be graded highly 

    by someone else for a fee...


    I have an acquaintance who collects expensive whisky.

    He has a mouth-watering collection.

    He has no idea what any of them taste like.


    Nuff said.

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  2. Ah. just realised...this is is referring to the Parthians, who used the Palintonos, or 'bent backwards' composite bow,

    that can be used when retreating, hence 'Parthian shot", corrupted down to "Parting shot"...

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  3. On 5/5/2023 at 3:00 PM, pokal02 said:

    The great coronation rip-off in full swing.. some joker wants £20,000 for the Charles 2022 50p (it's not even a proof!), and someone else £17,000-.. makes Coincraft look cheap!

    Yeah...sorry 'bout that....

    My wine merchant was hassling me for my overdue account,  the boat engines both need an overhaul,

    and I need to build a new submarine.



    Too soon?

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  4. 9 hours ago, alfnail said:

    It's the combination of several things Mike. If you've got a decent example yourself you may be able to find them! It's knowledge like this that has helped pay for my own collection 😉.

    I am very pleased to point out that my reaction to this post has made Alfnail's points total equal the number of listings.- 692/692.

    A full reaction point for every posting is a hell of an achievement, and just shows the quality of his postings.

  5. Years and years ago, I saw a listing finish with the winning bidder having bid over a million for a piece of hopeful crap like this.

    The winning bidder teamed up with a mate to bid the item up.

    Both had zero feedback.


    The winner's ebay name was  'making_a_mockery'  and I'm still laughing.