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  1. 2 hours ago, Rob said:

    They only book at £10 Unc or £35 BU, whatever that difference means, but I can't shift them at 35 (maybe 25-30), so given £700 hammer is £868 with juice, who in their right mind would pay 30x market rate for one of these?

    ...do you have their name and address?     I have some tat to shift...:-)

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  2. Absolutely. _My_ gardening year is over by April/May- I then hand over the reins to my plants and stand well back.

    October and November are my planning and re-potting months. I re-pot before putting plants away for the winter.

    One tip I discovered- when re-potting a tall plant with a single stem/trunk, re-pot it off-centre.

    Then, in a tiny green house, you can turn the pot and it moves the position of the plant to fit in better, or, you can leave the plant where it is,

    and turn the pot so it's not under your feet!

    Another trick is you now have a bigger single area of bare compost  by the plant's stem, onto which you can stand another plant pot...cram 'em in!!


    Some plants don't mind going dormant, but some plants from sunny places, like aeoniums and agapanthus don't like a dark winter.

    Agapanthus flower stems become rare the next year, and aeonium schwarzkopf ( the black form ) goes green!.

    Aeoniums, also, only grow in the winter, so you don't let them dry out- you know you have it right when they start flowering...

    Cannas, too, hate being dry for the winter- always keep them slightly moist.

    Canna 'Shenandoah', the best pink flower you will ever see, likes bright light in storage, and the summer outside,

    but not too powerful a sun, since it hammers the blooms, BUT of all the cannas, this is the one that needs heat. Lots of it.

    It's the one canna that's the easiest to lose if it's cold and too wet.

    If you have room to overwinter plants, and you have a shady garden, but want a tropical show, get a Brazilian Plume Flower.

    Just hack it back each autumn when you bring it in. The cuttings root really easily, so you will have a good display the next year!


    The main thing with a lot of plants from hot places, is to check whether, where they are from, like in deserts, there are some frosts, but never when it's wet.......:-)


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  3. Ah yes, but lustre and patina takes decades, even centuries, to develop,

    and can't be faked. When lost by polishing, that's gone forever.


    Also, polishing works by removing very fine marks, and these fine marks are called 'detail' and 'history',

    and a coin with more detail is always sought.