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  1. ...or maybe the annealing process was different, so the metal was harder before being struck,

    or work hardened differently in the fraction of a millisecond while being struck, thus flowing differently....

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  2. I have some wooden tools I've made for straightening aluminium panels on recording consoles.

    If you got a lump of hardwood with a depression in it, on a solid surface, and you put the coin on that,

    and you took a piece of round hardwood , like the end of a broom handle, and whacked it, you would get a near-perfect dished coin with no marks

    on the surfaces whatsoever....

  3. My father had an old YashikaMat 66 that took good pictures inside the cathedral.

    I have very nice family memories from the'70s of staring at those wonderful windows.


    I do like the pic of the colours projected on the walls that Dave took.

    Reminds me of the colour projections in the Sagrada Familia I've seen ( and yet to visit).....

  4. What could possibly be  'disturbing'  about this  cover???

    It's a nice use of pleasant images of a beautiful place.





    I have friends with stereos, on which they play music at social events and dinner parties and barbecues etc.

    None of the systems sound amazing, most are passable, a few are bad.

    This thread has given me an idea:  

    What I'm going to do is to point out everything that I think is wrong with the sound I hear at friend's events, 

    and tell them "Can I just point out I have 45 years experience in professional audio so I can say all this."


    I wonder how I'd look?  Would I be offered a beer and a burger again?



    I put up with the sound quality - It helps the functions along and oils the wheels- my friends know my background, and know they can ask me for advice if they wish to improve their systems.

    I don't say a word about it, and all is well,  I get drunk and stuff my face.


    If I were in a position to have 35 years experience in publishing, I would have said something like   "Oh- nice one- I didn't know about the poetry book- if you are doing another,

    I'd love to help with the cover design, since that's rather what I do" etc etc....




    Even me, weird crazy Blake, with his Aspergers, has realised that you don't shout:   "Ooh look the King's got no clothes on"


    ...even though that may be correct.....


    instead, you either let it go, or look around the crowd,  to see who _also_ looks shocked, and have a drink with them after the procession has gone past......



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  5. The shadow sharpness is a function of the distance from the light source and the angular size of the light source.

    A very small  light source will cast as sharp a shadow as bright sunlight.....it doesn't have to be bright at all....


    That shadow is the shape I expect, and the fact that it is the same when the coin is either way up shows me the coin isn't bent either....

    The shadow's thickness would only be a concern if this coin is usually thin.